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Lily Barek: The New Queen of Electro Pop




Name: Lily Barek

Age: 19

Hometown: Springfield, Virgini

Music genre: Electro-pop – MMP Records

Release Dates:

Through The City: March 18th, 2018,

Simple Motives: March 25th, 2018

Simple Motives EP: First Week of April.


Lily Barek is hitting the music scene by storm with her new electro-pop sound and fresh new vibes.  Here’s a little more info on the new Queen of Electro Pop.


Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Lorde, Maggie Rogers and Young the Giant.


-These artists are all very true to themselves and their music and [I believe] that’s like every artist’s dream, to make the music that you wanna make and have that be successful. They’re lyrically geniuses. Also they’re very nice people!


How did you get into music?

-When i was 5 and I asked for a guitar! No but honestly I didn’t really get serious about music until last year when I realized this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.



What struggles or doubts have you had?

-Well my parents weren’t on board with me pursuing music up until this EP project. I’ve had to fight for support in that area. Self doubt also made it hard. It’s been overwhelming to think that this would reach a bigger audience, because I just started recording songs for fun and to show my friends. Now I’m shooting for the stars.


What are you most excited about?

-Performing live and seeing where this goes.


What is one thing you want people to know about this EP?

-These songs are more storytelling songs than anything else. Also,this EP took a lot less time than usual EP’s take to make which I’m super proud of.

I’d love and appreciate all your support!!!!!



Fun Lily Barek Fact!

-One time when I was in Amsterdam, the only thing I ate was steak.


Favorite Vine:

– Any Josh Kennedy vine.


Make sure to follow Lily Barek on social media!

Instagram: @lilybarek

Twitter: @lilybarek and @BarekFans

Facebook: Lily Barek

Vevo: Lily Barek

Spotify: Lily Barek



We wish you the best of luck and thanks so much for your time Lily! We’re already huge fans!


That’s all for now everyone…

XOXO, Grey.


(Huge shout out to Maya Brembilla for the awesome pics)


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