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Let’s Talk About the Me Too Statuses


A saying I saw plastered across my Facebook News Feed earlier this week. This is a saying you have probably heard a lot lately. You have probably seen it across platforms including Facebook and Twitter. It has probably blown up your News Feed, flooded your inbox and overwhelmed you with the meaning behind the words. Can you read between the lines?

Well… “What is it?” you ask….


Well, officially, the “ME, TOO.” campaign was officially launched about 10 years ago. It was started by Burke, a black activist. The campaign has resurfaced as of this October. “ME, TOO.” Is being posted on social media platforms with a deeper meaning behind the words. The movement stands as a way for abuse survivors to rally together and show how many survivors there are out there in the world.


What DO YOU think of the “ME, TOO.” Campaign?


I surveyed friends and family asking their opinion on the “ME, TOO” campaign, if they have heard of it and what their feelings were on the Campaign.


“I think the campaign highlights a very important silent issue and it also allows for other survivors to be reminded that they are not alone.”


“I think its hilarious that you can’t win. If you post about it, its because you want to show people that it isn’t as uncommon as people think and that people aren’t alone. Its an inclusive thing. BUT if you “give in” to posting it you are giving into something and making yourself seem weak. [Name revoked] speaks on her perspective of the “me too” and how you shouldn’t post it and celebrities left and right are posting it as a sign of solidarity.”



Not all comments were positive or negative. Many people felt that the campaign was once again victimizing and out casting the women who were brave enough to step up and post “ME,TOO” and that they abusers should be the one to step up and say something. Other people felt the campaign was bringing together more survivors then ever before; That the campaign was creating group after group of survivors full of support, helping survivors to realize that they are never alone and that they never have to be alone again thanks to the power of social media.



October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. This is the time to get educated and read up on warning signs, and how to help a friend that you worry may be in an abusive relationship. If you or a friends need help in regards to this matter, please call: 800.656.HOPE (4673).


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Reference: https://qz.com/1105615/metoo-the-movement-was-actually-launched-10-years-ago-by-a-black-activist/

Sabrina is a big city girl turned hiking fanatic and is currently living life in Boulder, Colorado! Sabrina is a junior studying Information Management and Marketing with a Technology, Arts, and Media minor. Sabrina is involved with her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, Peer 2 Peer mentoring in the business school, a Leeds Professional Mentorship Program mentee, and a campus rep for Victoria's Secret PINK. When she's not in class, Sabrina loves to eat sushi, rep PINK, and watch KUWTK. Sabrina's just a Blair Waldorf girl on a Dan Humphrey budget.
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