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Last Minute “Dynamic Duo” Halloween Costumes

As I was doing my daily Pinterest sift through, my feed was filled with the greatest duo costumes. Although we are mid “Halloweek”, I couldn’t keep these ideas to myself. So, here you go, my opinion on the best costumes you can do with your best friend. I’ve snuck a couple of costumes I have done in the past that were a hit! Time is running out so let’s get spooky my friends.


Mean Girls
Holy Cow and Oh Deer

I did this costume this year with my best friend and it was a hit. Punny costumes aren’t completely dead (yet).

White and Gold or Blue and Black?

I can’t be the only one who still finds this funny right? Ok maybe…


We made our goggles out of tape and mason jar lids!

Peter Pan and His Shadow

Now that we still have a few more days of Halloweek, there is no need to repeat costumes! These costumes are fairly easy and will be a hit at your next Halloween event.



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