It's Time We Modernize Sex Ed

Let’s be honest, as an immature young adult, sexual education class was probably pretty close to your idea of hell. As a sophomore in college, it wasn’t too long ago I was subjected to learning about my “changing body” from my gym teacher playing videos that were probably three times as old as I was.


Current laws regulating sexual education in our state are outdated and are simply no longer applicable to our generation. It is about time to modernize the system and Colorado is on the brink of change with colorado house bill 19-1032.                                                                             Source:

This bill would ban “abstinence-only curriculums” that are proven to be ineffective. Abstinence will still be taught, but also with safe sex options. The new curriculum would cover topics such as consent, birth control and pregnancy, prevention of sexually transmitted disease, “healthy relationships and sexual orientation."

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Sex ed was uncomfortable for a lot of us, but for the LGBTQ community, it is an extremely uncomfortable experience. In 2015, fewer than six percent of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students age 13-21 reported that their health class had included a positive representation of LGBT-related topics (Guttmacher Institute).  

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Even though I don’t personally identify with the LGBTQ community, I don’t believe that should stop me from fighting for what I believe is right. Why should certain people be denied access to health information based upon who they love? This bill is highly contentious and needs all the support it can receive. Currently, it has passed through the house and is now being heard in the Senate. Click here to support.

Let's make a change,