All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

It's Time for Old School Dating Habits to Make a Reappearance

In this day and age, technology has made dating so convenient. We can easily set up a date with some quick swipes and clicks on our phone. Even though technology has made life a whole lot easier (bless my phone!), it’s also taken some of the efforts out of dating. Instead of mustering up the courage to ask someone out in person, we can easily just text them to go on a date. Or even worse, we can easily break up with a person over text if it’s too hard to do face to face.

This calls for a serious shift in our dating practices― meaning we need to bring back some good ol’ fashioned dating traditions.

You know what I mean, that cute old scene where a couple is sitting in a plush dinner booth and they’re sipping on a tall milkshake glass with two matching straws. Now I’m not saying we all need to start sharing a milkshake on our dates (although we could), but there are some dating habits that could totally be made cool again.

Here are five old school dating habits that need to be brought back:






  1. 1. Little Romantic Gestures

    We have this mindset of “the more expensive the gift, the better.” Buuttt that’s not necessarily true. Simple presents such as writing each other love letters or poems and making handmade gifts are just as good (maybe even better!) because it shows that we took the time and effort to make something special.

  2. 2. Disconnect From Wifi

    Let’s face it: we can’t help but check our phone every time it rings lights up. Yes, it’s important to respond back to our texts, but it’s also preventing us from spending quality time with a person. Completing turning off your phone will remove all distractions and it’ll allow you to give your date undivided attention.

  3. 3. Go Out On a Non-Traditional Date 

    Skip the typical movie and dinner date, and go for something more romantic and meaningful like a picnic in a park, stargazing in the mountains, or dancing. And by dancing, I mean actual dancing. Not in a club, but somewhere with live music where you can jam out or slow dance. It’s super cheap, and you’ll still have tons of fun.

  4. 4. Being Chivalrous 

    Chivalry isn’t completely dead. There are some guys out there who still show some chivalry, but it’s becoming increasingly rare. Being chivalrous doesn’t take much effort―simple gestures such as opening the car door, offering a jacket if it’s cold, or being picked up at the door show so much more love and thoughtfulness.

  5. 5. Not Expecting Sex

    Just because you go on a date doesn’t mean it always leads to sex. Sex is an important part of a relationship, but we should get rid of the expectation and assume sex is not to be had at any time just in case your significant other wants to get to know you better before hooking up.