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It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot like Christmas

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me the holiday season truly starts with the release of Starbucks Christmas cups. I’m now constantly listening to the Michael Buble’s Christmas CD and sipping gingerbread lattes. This is also the time I start thinking about Christmas presents for friends and family. This year I will be getting tons of stuff from LUSH on Pearl Street. If you don’t know LUSH is a company that sells all kinds of handmade cosmetics. Their holiday collections are particularly nice because they feature scents that only come around once a year. The best part is that you can find any product and any scent to fit the person you are buying from meaning that you can pick up Santa shaped fizzy bath bombs for roommates or shave creams for boyfriends. In true Boulder style, LUSH uses all-natural products. This means variety comes in the switching up of ingredients in their products and that each product has a truly unique scent-from spicy to citrus and in-between. Also around this time of year a variety of ingredients come packaged in pre-wrapped Christmas presents, so if you at a loss for what to get someone, do yourself a favor and check out LUSH for gifts that won’t disappoint.

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