The Influential Women of the Lifestyle and Wellness World

In honor of Women's History Month, we're taking all week to recognize incredible women in a wide range of industries. Day-to-day, we are surrounded by many influential women in all fields of work, and if you personally have someone who influences you we encourage you to reach out to them and tell them why! As the Lifestyle and Wellness content team at Her Campus CU Boulder, we were tasked with highlighting a few women for their groundbreaking contributions to the world.

  1. 1. Amelia Boone

    Amelia Boone is a badass woman that many may have not heard about, but her journey is unlike any other. Boone is not only a “ultrarunner”, but she is also a corporate attorney. When I found out about Boone I was in awe that a woman who was so busy (i.e. being a lawyer) could also run marathons and be all-around badass while still being able to do good for people. I look up to her especially because I aspire to be a lawyer. It's also important for your job to not be the only thing that one does and that's another big reason why I really look up to her. She has been featured as both a commentator and analyst on some of the biggest sports outlets. Representation of female lawyers is so important for aspiring female lawyers because it shows that anyone can do it. Go check her website out here!

  2. 2. Evanna Lynch

    From starring as our dear Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series, to founding the #1 vegan beauty-box company in the world, to making the final episode of Dancing With the Stars, and so much in between, Evanna Lynch is a role-model to all. Above all else, she identifies as a conservationist, animal rights activist, and outspoken vegan. In addition to her already busy life, Evanna recently started a podcast with her friends discussing the vegan lifestyle, including personal stories and transition tips. If you’re interested in learning more about Evanna you can check out her instagram, her podcast, and her beauty-box company.

  3. 3. Sadia Badiei

    Sadia Badiei, otherwise known as “Pick Up Limes” across her many online platforms, is a lifestyle and wellness YouTuber and blogger specializing in plant-based nutrition and organization including meal-prep and minimalism. Regardless of whether or not you abide by this type of lifestyle, Badiei’s videos are incredibly illuminating due to her vibrant and respectful personality. Despite her Canadian roots, Badiei is currently living in the Netherlands and has no shortage of incredible travel content for her viewers. Check her out on YouTube at Pick Up Limes or on Instagram, @pickuplimes! — Madeleine

  4. 4. Jessamyn Stanley

    Jessamyn Stanley is the type of person everybody needs in their life. She provides a body-positive approach to yoga and encourages her students to focus primarily on how they are feeling instead of how they look. Since Jessamyn is an African-American woman who also identifies as part of the LGBT community, she is a very important symbol for changing the perception of the “typical” yogi. Personally, I have struggled with body image for a large part of my life and I look up to her because she demonstrates that strength is in one’s mentality, not their physical appearance. Check out her website and her Instagram for more information! —Masha

  5. 5. Mary Liff

    Mary Liff is the owner of Boulder’s only Barre3 studio, but she’s also so much more than that. She’s a mom, a friend, and a positive influence for everyone around her. When Mary reached out to me and asked me to get involved in the Barre3 scene, I was honestly a little terrified. I was never athletic, and the world of fitness can be so intimidating for plus sized women that I hesitated to agree to even try. Now, I’m so glad that I did. Mary has never failed to make her work a safe space for everyone, no matter their size or experience. She’s working to make the fitness world one that focuses on how your body feels, not how it looks, and it’s a mission that she shares with all of her customers and her team. In short, Mary’s kind of the best. You can find her on Instagram, @mary__liff, and on the Barre3 Boulder Instagram, @barre3boulder. — Madi

  6. 6. The Often Ambitious Gals

    Erika Sheffer and Lindsey Plevyak are the minds and voices behind the Often Ambitious Podcast. I found the Often Ambitious Podcast about a year ago when I took a leap and started down a really ambitious path. I started listening and found so many episodes that I loved and knew I could implement into my day to day life. Erika and Lindsey share advice for building your own brand, lifestyle tips like multitasking, and how to navigate being an ambitious person in today’s world. — Michaela

  7. 7. Sadie Robertson Huff

    You may recognize Sadie Robertson from her role in Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars, but beyond the screen, she is so much more! Sadie is truly the definition of what it takes to be a strong woman and her ability to be vulnerable and open with her faith and life is absolutely incredible. Being open and vulnerable about both the good/bad in life is never easy, but Sadie shows it is possible. Her philosophy is simple: live life fearlessly and passionately. Through her podcast, Whoa That’s Good, and several of her own books, she encourages others to share in the same passion she has for life. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, and I admire Sadie so much for this because it encourages me to live life as courageous and vulnerable as her! You can follow Sadie on Instagram, @legitsadierob, or follow her on YouTube. — Jessica

  8. 8. AmyAnn Cadwell

    AmyAnn Cadwell, founder and CEO of the environmentally-conscious newsletter and online magazine The Good Trade, has long been one of my role models. The platform she created has turned into a wonderful resource for so many interesting and wonderful topics, including sustainable fashion, intentional living, and mental health. Cadwell, herself, remains incredibly open about how she feels on each of these issues in an effort to encourage transparency in all parts of life. Though the website now hosts a multitude of writers, Cadwell’s values shine through in each and every piece featured on the page. Her advice to her younger self is as follows: “Trust your instincts, be kind to yourself, and lean into the things you love.” — Lydia

We hope you enjoyed our article! 

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Her Campus CU Boulder Lifestyle & Wellness Team