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Indie Music To Give You Those Summer Vibes One Last Time Before Fall

Songs, and even better, curated playlists, have a way of transporting you back to specific times, moments, seasons. Those play-loud-with-the-windows-down songs and fireworks-on-the-Fourth-of-July songs totally get me right back to summer. And although PSL and cozy sweater season is upon us, if you’re having trouble saying goodbye to summer like I am, I have just the cure. Here are ten songs to help you capture those summer vibes like it’s the beginning of June all over again.

Cinnamon – Jome

This is one of those songs that would be easy to fall asleep to. It’s hard to feel stressed after listening to the slow melody and soothing vocals. Jome perfectly captures that magical feeling of a hot summer night.

Heather – conan Gray

Too many people know the pain of watching your summer love fall in love with someone else, especially during those warm months. “Heather” is about exactly that. The music is airy while the lyrics are somber. It’s a bittersweet blend that’s perfect for the end of the season.

Harmony hall – vampire weekend

Vampire Weekend has been around for a while now, and they just don’t miss. Ever since the early days of “Campus,” this band has been masterful at capturing heavy topics under a wrapper of light sound and preppy instrumentation, ideal for when you’re going through something even during summer.

Young and restless – siamés

Siamés is a whole aesthetic. Everything they’ve ever put out oozes artistry, from their album covers to their music videos, and their songs are no exception. This song is guaranteed to make any listener feel young and restless, just as advertised.

&run – sir sly

What is summer about if not running barefoot through the grass without a care in the world? “&Run” is the song to put on to go do it. Let go of your worries, kick off your shoes, and run.

this is why i need you – Jesse ruben

If you’ve ever wanted to know what being in love feels like, just listen to this song. It’s soft and warm, and the perfect song to send to your sweetheart.

mt. washington – local natives

I must have listened to this song on repeat for a month when I first heard it. It’s a simple song, but it captures melancholy in such a beautiful way.

Sing of the moon – the collection

There really aren’t any other songs like “Sing of the Moon.” The imagery in this song is so gorgeous that it’s hard not to close your eyes and let the music sweep you away. It’s a perfect marriage of folk and indie with all the best elements of both.

talk – november lights

November Lights is one of those bands that isn’t talked about enough. This song is soft and dynamic. The song builds, escalating from gentle to powerful as the emotion develops. It’s a delightful progression that lends the song plenty of depth. And even though the band has November in its name, this one is great even in August.

spanish sahara – foals

“Spanish Sahara…” what can you say about “Spanish Sahara?” It’s one of a kind. Foals hasn’t done anything like it. No one else has done anything like it. It’s a real diamond of a song. In nearly seven minutes, it walks you through the depths of emotions that you’ve never experienced before. So strap in and enjoy the ride.

So there you have it. Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the vibes have to end. So sit back, put on some music, and transport yourself back to the beginning of summer vacation.

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