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Immune System Boosters for the Boulder Bug

Chances are you’ve either gotten hit with this lovely lil’ Boulder cold or bug or whatever it is OR your roomies have or are suffering as we speak. Either way, your immune system could use a nudge in the right direction, so my health-nut mind thought I’d write you a holistic guide to hopefully pull all of us out of the never-ending college-cold cycle. Ditch the emergen-c (sorry to break your heart), grab some ginger shots and ‘cheers’ to good health!

  • Turmeric

    • Guys. Guys. Turmeric rocks. Without a doubt, it’s my latest and greatest (of all time) go-to. I’d take this stuff over advil any day, so that’s got to say something. I usually buy turmeric shots from Whole Foods or the ‘Golden Latte’ from Wonder is superb.

  • Ginger

    • As brutal as it might taste, this stuff is also a major life saver. And yes, it’s different from turmeric. I used to think they were the same thing; was that just me? Maybe. Anyways, you can also find some ginger remedies at Whole Foods or Wonder! Try ginger chews; they’re spicy, but chewy like not-good-for-you candy.

  • OJ

    • Your parents definitely taught you this from a young age – orange juice is super swell for boosting the immune system. If you don’t already have OJ in your fridge (or mini fridge, freshies), it’s easy to pick-up. Starbucks on The Hill has some pretty good OJ, Walgreens definitely can provide you, but my basic Boulder babe self swears by Wonder Press’ OJ. It’s not cheap, but it’s a big ole’ bottle of fresh-squeezed, cold-kicking goodness. Plus, you’ll get some cute pictures from the trip to Wonder’s uber aesthetically pleasing hot spot juice shop on Pearl.

  • Umcka

    • Despite the weird name, Umcka will clear you right up. They sell chewable tablets, tea bags, and more. You’ve got options, now take your pick!

  • Sambu Guard – Elderberry Syrup

    • Elderberry is best used for prevention. Both this and Umcka are probably stocked on the shelves of your local health store, but watch your wallet, they’re a bit on the pricier side of things.

  • Water (duh)

    • Go fill up a glass and chug. And then repeat. Hydration is the key to good skin, good health, and an easier hangover.

May your sniffles be gone & may the Flu Shot from Wonder Press not hurt too bad on the way down. XO

Caroline grew up on the East Coast, in Maryland, and now calls the Rocky Mountains home. She is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying psychology and creative writing. Out of the lecture hall, she teaches vinyasa yoga at the CU Rec Center, enjoys a vegan lifestyle, acts as Recruitment Officer for Buffs for Reproductive Justice, is a member of Alpha Phi - Beta Gamma. You can find more of her journalism work over at TheTab CU Boulder.
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