Iconic Fall Outfits Worn on 'Friends' (and Where You Can Buy Them)

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While "Friends" ended over 15 years ago, these fall looks are still inspiring many trends and looks today! Debra McGuire is the genius behind each look for all 10 seasons! Here are my favorite looks Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica wore on the show. While I always recommend thrifting or buying clothing second-hand first, I have included links to similar pieces from various brands.

  1. 1. S1 E19 - “The One Where the Monkey Got Away.”

    In this episode, Rachel wears this iconic plaid skirt, white knee-high socks, and white turtleneck that all scream fall!

    Shop the look: plaid skirtwhite turtleneck, and striped knee-high socks.

  2. 2. S3 E7 - “The One With the Racecar Bed.”

    In the first photo, Monica has a monotone look with various shades of brown. This layered look is perfect for fall as the weather gets colder out. Her burnt orange boots also add the perfect pop of color!

    Shop the look: brown turtleneck, brown corduroy skirt, knee-high boots.

  3. 3. S2 E23 - “The One With The Chickenpox.”

    While the top Phoebe is wearing is yellow IRL, I still really like the filtered version of this screenshot from this episode. Her top is definitely longer and more of an oversized t-shirt dress, creating cozy vibes!

    Shop the look: mock neck sweater (yellow and cream), brown corduroy pants.

  4. 4. S1 E15 - “The One With the Stoned Guy.”

    Rachel embraces professional casual dress with this look. Her white collared top contrasts nicely with the blazer she has on and it’s tied in a knot at the bottom rather than tucked in. While you can’t see her bottoms, I would pair it with a black skirt.

    Shop the look: white collared shirt, blazer, black pencil skirt.  

  5. 5. S1 E7 “The One With The Blackout.”

    In this episode, Monica’s outfit is more simple and casual, but it’s elevated through her statement belt. The grey polo shirt is a softer material which is cozier and perfect for fall!

    Shop the look: grey polo shirt, black corduroy skirt, statement belt.

  6. 6. S2 E 13 - “The One After The Superbowl.”

    This outfit from Phoebe is very modest (and warm)!  She wears a tighter white turtleneck with a long black dress layered on top. Longer necklaces like the ones she has are perfect for layering over turtlenecks!

    Shop the look: white mock neck turtleneck, black button-down dress.

These looks from Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are all so unique and speak to each of their characters. I can’t wait to incorporate pieces of them into my wardrobe this season!