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I Tried Trader Joe’s Recipes From TikTok So You Don’t Have To

I, like many others, have updated my evening form of self-care by spending many hours under the blue-light glow of my cell phone watching TikToks until I fall asleep. From the hours of 11 p.m. until about two a.m., you can find me saying goodnight to my roommate, then promptly staying awake for at least three more hours for my small viewing parties. 

So, you might be wondering what the algorithm cooked up for me this week. My FYP is filled to the brim with Trader Joe’s enthusiasts. A grocery hall here, a yay or nay snack edition there, and, most importantly, recipes sourced entirely from the shelves of Trader Joe’s. 

My two am hunger has gotten the best of me. As a result, I tried Trader Joe’s recipes from TikTok so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in. 

Lentils and Bruschetta Sauce

Okay so I know that lentils and bruschetta sauce seems gross, but it tastes SO MUCH BETTER than it sounds. If you love bruschetta, this makeshift dip is totally for you. The lentils add much needed texture to the bruschetta sauce. I often eat this by itself but corn chips are also a great addition!

GF Eggs Noodles with Pesto Chicken
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

YUM. What a win. These egg noodles were so delicious you could hardly tell they were gluten-free. The TikToker provided easy step by step instructions to make this dish the yummiest it could be. I highly recommend this recipe for those of us who aren’t good at cooking but sometimes like to cook (me). 

Click HERE for this recipe from @onlytraderjoesrecipes

Keto Pizza Trader Joe’s Style

Overall, this was just okay. I love mini pizzas, but didn’t love the taste or texture of the cauliflower thin used as the base. I’m sure with some experimenting this recipe would be a total win. Super easy to make, but not my favorite. 

Click HERE for this recipe from @traderjoesfoodreviews

Three Ingredient Dinner

This was a really easy zoodle recipe that added in the Trader Joe’s chicken sausage and Creamy Tomato Basil sauce. It was so easy and delicious and could have easily been made vegetarian or with regular noodles! 

Click HERE for this recipe from @hellokristen

These recipes were all incredibly fun to make and were broken down well by their creators. I would highly recommend joining Trader Joe’s TikTok for grocery tips and fun recipes made easy!

Alia Davis

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Alia is the Director of Outreach and a writer for Her Campus CU Boulder. She is a third year student majoring in International Affairs and Anthropology. In her free time, Alia likes to box, read, and travel.
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