I Ordered From SheIn and Here’s what Happened

We all know the infamous website called SheIn and all the youtube videos that surround the online clothing store. After years of hearing about this “too good to be to true” website, I decided to try it out for myself and order some of their products.

I went into this wanting a pair of platform sandals for the spring/summer time, I also wanted a pair of those quirky face earrings you see ALL the art students wear on campus. 3 hours in and $226 later my check out bag was filled with more than what I intended on, but I controlled myself and proceeded to checkout with the two items I had gone into this journey wanting.

Before checking out I read the reviews of the products I had set my heart on. I think this step is key when using stores like this. All of the reviews seemed fairly positive and it made me excited.

Here’s what I ordered:




The ordering process was simple, and I was able to find coupon codes easily for this website. Not only did I get a good discount, but SheIn also gave me free shipping. I have noticed that on the weekends SheIn does free shipping, but don’t take my word on it completely. SheIn also has a point system that can add discounts to your orders, you get points by ordering things and writing reviews!

The delivery process was a lot quicker than I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I had ordered the items about 8 days before they arrived. The one thing that freaked me out was the packaging the shoes came in.

The box was kind of beaten up, but I was happy to see two intact shoes in the inside of the box. 

Photo belongs to author

Photo belongs to author

When I tried them on, the size was perfect. Thanks to the reviews, I knew that they were true to size, although I am still impatiently waiting for the earrings to arrive. Unfortunately, they were shipped via USPS, and we all know the things that can happen with that. 

To say the least, I am happy with what came in the mail, and I will definitely be ordering items from SheIn in the future.