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I’ll Drink To That: Hocus Pocus & an Impending Hangover

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Following up on our last Halloween drink, drank, drunk game, which you can find right here, we’re moving things along to another classic spooky show – Hocus Pocus.


Grab your broomsticks, witches, this will be a wild ride. We’re brewing some gnarly hangovers for you.

Take a sip every time…  


Thackery hisses or talks


The Sanderson sisters barely avoid permanent death


Mike and Allison awkwardly flirt with one another


The witches try to kill a child or group of children


Dani proves she’s the smartest character of all


You genuinely get spooked by something


Max has a terrible idea


A scene brings tears to your eyes


The bullies, mainly Ice, are the worst of all time


Sarah Jessica Parker is just the best


Someone rises from the dead


The witches fly


The Sanderson sisters don’t understand something about the modern world


Chug when…


A virgin lights the black flame candle


The Sanderson sisters sing or cast a spell (not the whole time they sing, unless you’re really trying to feel the bubble, bubble, toil and trouble)


Someone mentions the devil or the “devil” is on screen


Happy drinking, keep it safe, & don’t brew any potions too strong, ladies!

Caroline grew up on the East Coast, in Maryland, and now calls the Rocky Mountains home. She is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying psychology and creative writing. Out of the lecture hall, she teaches vinyasa yoga at the CU Rec Center, enjoys a vegan lifestyle, acts as Recruitment Officer for Buffs for Reproductive Justice, is a member of Alpha Phi - Beta Gamma. You can find more of her journalism work over at TheTab CU Boulder.