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How a Vegetarian Turned Into a Vegan

“Veganism”- Who would’ve guessed one word could cause so much emotion. When we think of vegans, we automatically think about the weirdos outside Whole Foods protesting for the rights of animals or even worse, PETA. So, how does a vegetarian such as myself, who loved Greek yogurt and cheese, switch to the dark side of veganism? It all started with a visit to a local sports chiropractor who also specializes in internal medicine. While my mom was getting adjusted for her swimmer’s shoulder and lower back, she expressed her anger and frustration with her constant stomach problems, which led Dr. Rock to suggest a total gut cleanse. No dairy, sugar, gluten, meat, alcohol… you get the point. From that day on, I decided to join in and focused on resetting my gut and healing myself from the inside out, and, let me tell you – IT WORKS.

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Although I consider myself to be an overall healthy individual, I didn’t know the extent of how bad these foods are for your gut. These foods are often inflammatory which leads to the imbalance of healthy and unhealthy microbiomes in your gut resulting in severe stomach aches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and weight gain – just to name a few. By improving your gut health, you are not only improving your digestive system, mental health, immunity, and endocrine system, but you are improving your overall way of life. 

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2020 has been a shit show, but we can end the last few months of this horrific year with a healthy gut and a clean bill of health. Cheers! *clinks cold-pressed green juice* 

Izzy Bond

CU Boulder '22

Hi! My name is Izzy, I'm from Long Beach, CA and I'm a junior studying Sociology at CU Boulder! When I'm not at school you can find me at the gym, traveling, going out with the girls, or practicing mixology with my Hurom cold pressed juicer.
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