How To Throw A Dorm Friendsgiving

Many of us in Boulder are moving out of a dorm by the 25th, but some students are staying. To celebrate one last time before we move home, here’s how to have a dorm Friendsgiving on campus.

  1. 1. The Food

    pumpkin pie on table, fall meal

    You may be wondering, “Where do I even find dorm-friendly Thanksgiving food?” Some you can find without needing to leave campus! Pick up a side from either Village Market or WeatherTech and a salad from one of the many dining halls on campus. While some items require a quick run to Target on 29th or King Soopers at Table Mesa. Take advantage of your dorm kitchen as you will be able to make more food here, but if it is inaccessible then find some microwavable meals. You can find microwavable mashed potatoes and corn, heat up a rotisserie turkey from King Soopers, microwavable stuffing, and microwavable mac and cheese. Pick up some Ocean Spray cranberry sauce at a local grocery store as well. 

    Here are some easy recipes to make your dorm Friendsgiving perfect thanks to All Recipes, The Kitchn, and Marla Meredith!

    -Spinach Dip

    -Pumpkin Pie in a Mug

    -Turkey Cutlet

  2. 2. The Decorations

    gray container next to flowers

    What is the perfect Friendsgiving without decorations?? Find some cheap and quality thanksgiving decorations in the dollar section at Target on 29th or pop over to the dollar store.

  3. 3. The Drinks

    Fall Dinner Setting

    Get fun cold drinks from the WeatherTech Cafe to use up some munch money before heading home this semester or some hot drinks from The Bakery. Have everyone get their own drinks or get an order list and go drink hunting! 

  4. 4. The People

    three girls during golden hour

    Your friends, duh!! This can be a bonding event for your current friends and/or a perfect chance to meet new people by inviting them. It all comes down to who you want to celebrate with!

    Of course, try to be safe by following COVID-19 regulations!

  5. 5. The Location

    Close-up of a white line on green grass in a soccer field

    Depending on the weather, there are many different places you can hold your Friendsgiving. Wherever you have common spaces inside the dorm can be perfect (ie. the basement, lobby, study spaces). If it’s beautiful weather, you can do it next to Norlin, Farrand Field, the lake near Kittredge, or one of your favorite spots on campus. 

Now you have all the tools you need to throw the perfect Friendsgiving before we all head home for the semester! Treasure your time left with friends and use this as an opportunity to branch out.