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How to Throw the Best Friendsgiving

It’s that time of year again! With only a few short weeks left until we go home for Thanksgiving, we have to start planning our reunions with our OG friends back at home. But, how do you plan a FABULOUS Friendsgiving you ask? I am here to help.




Food, Food, Fooood

The best thing about Thanksgiving is the endless amount of foods that we can eat all night long. Therefore, everyone in your group should be assigned to bring something to the party, and it all had to be homemade or else is it really Thanksgiving?




The best part of the night, is the drinks. Be sure to make a party punch or jungle juice for everyone, but always be sure to bring a bottle of rosé because what is Thanksgiving without being wine drunk?



Game on

After digesting from all of the food, you need to have some activities planned to entertain your guests. My favorite is good old karaoke, but some other good ones are beer pong,  kings cup, flip cup and even never have I ever.




Especially if you are throwing this Friendsgiving, you outfit needs to be on point. I would set the attire as dressy, but not too formal. Also, wearing cute, cozy fall colors is a must. A plaid skirt and cute, and a fuzzy sweater would look FIRE with a pair of thick heeled booties, just saying.




Artsy decorations are an necessity. Everyone will be taking pictures and Snapchats at your party, and you want it to look AMAZING. White string lights are always a good move, along with some cute table centerpieces. A Christmas Tree would really pull the room together, but no rush on that because that is on next months to-do list.



But most importantly, to have a FABULOUS Friendsgiving, you need….


A awesome group of Friends

This step could be one of the hardest. After going away to college or getting a real job, a lot of people drift apart. Good friends you thought would grow old with you become just memories. However, the best of them will stay and will have many more Friendsgivings with you, especially since you just through on of the best parties of the year!







Belle Mead

CU Boulder '21

Belle Mead grew up in Manasquan, New Jersey, and for the past four years, attended at The University of Colorado Boulder. She majored in Journalism and minored in Creative Writing. Belle absolutely loves photography, fashion, and traveling. In the future, Belle aspires to write for Cosmopolitan or any lifestyle based magazine. She was also apart of the sorority, Alpha Chi Omega and the photography club at CU. 
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