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How to Spot a Stoner

Many argue that 4/20 is one of the most collectively celebrated “holidays” in the U.S. If you were walking around Boulder on this very popular holiday, you could not help but notice the dramatic influx of people that come in every color, shape, and size. As the mass of people took up residency on Norlin Quad, it became clear that there are many traits that weed enthusiasts share. Here are a couple of tips to help you identify the common cannabis consumer.

– A fool proof way to spot a stoner is to look directly into their eyes. If they appear red, blotchy, or half-closed, you have good reason to assume they are under the influence.  A glazed look and a goofy smile are also dead give-aways.
Clothing– Pay attention to the classic broomstick skirt on girls the “tall tee” clothing style on guys.  As far as color schemes go, anything Rasta or tie-dye colored fit the stoner trend.
Hobbies– Most stoners have a strong affinity for nature and so in their free time they tend to slack-line, hacky sack, rock climb, hike, and take long naps in the grass.  SMOKING.
Food– Anything that is munch-able or tasty in general. Stoners are likely to consume everything in sight. Guard your kitchen when one is over for company.
Accessories– Common stoner accessories consist of, but are not limited to braided jewelry (that they usually make themselves), beanies and simple headbands, nose rings, and anything made out of hemp.

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