How to Get Outdoorsy (When You Have No Clue How to Start)

I think that a lot of times people want to get outside, but the whole ordeal seems a bit daunting. Especially living in Boulder, there are activities you can do all year round, but where do you start? Below are a few tips and tricks on how to get yourself into the outdoors, if you have never really been.

  1. 1. Prepare.

    a hand holds a pen writing on sheets of paper on a wooden desk. there's a coffee cup and a notebook in front of it.

    Write a list. Write another list. Make three lists! Make sure you know what items you are taking, and where they are. Do you have enough gas? Cash? Have you told people where you’re going? You don’t need to be anywhere near perfect, but making sure that you are organized makes everything a lot easier.

  2. 2. Start with a short day trip. 

    As with anything, you learn as you go. So, start off slow, and gradually progress with your trips as you learn more about how you like to spend time in the outdoors.

  3. 3. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the necessary gear.

    Stars behind pickup truck and bonfire

    Yes, if you’re going camping, you probably need a tent. Do you need the expensive, name-brand camping chairs? No. Don’t let the fact that many outdoor brands are expensive to deter you from entering the outdoors. The outdoors has been here since before us, and it’ll be here much after us. So enjoy it, with whatever you have! 

  4. 4. Go with the flow.

    You aren’t going to become a pro angler, backpacker and rock climber all at once. Especially in Boulder, you see people all around doing every outdoor activity in the book. But remember, each activity takes time to learn, and each time you do it, you learn something new.

  5. 5. Where can I go in Boulder?

    Anywhere! It just depends on what you would like to do


    Check out Gross Reservoir in Nederland. There are some pretty cool campsites there, and it’s about 45 min from Boulder.


    Boulder Creek! Toss out a cast and see what you find.


    Chautauqua, obviously. And then NCAR also has some pretty hikes that are less trafficked. 

    Golden Gate State Park also has some beautiful trails, and is about 20 min outside of Boulder.

    Road trips

    Moab, Utah

    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    Mesa Verde, Colorado 

    All of these destinations are within a day’s worth of driving from Boulder! You can camp in any of these places, and enjoy their views.

  6. 6. Want to check out some pretty scenery?

    Luckily pretty much the entire state of Colorado fits this category!

    Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

    Taylor Park outside of Buena Vista

    Any of the 14ers

    Rocky Mountain State Park in Estes Park 



  7. 7. Helpful apps

Bottom line, if you want to go into the outdoors, go! Take the time to research where you want to go and what to bring, and then go! Don’t feel overwhelmed by anyone else you see, everyone was a beginner at some point!