How to Eat Healthy At The Dining Halls

If you’re anything like me, staying in shape and eating good food is important to you because it makes you feel good about yourself. I am going to give you some options in the dining halls (other than salads) that are still healthy and enjoyable!*

*Disclaimer: these are all personal opinions and are just suggestions to anyone looking to find healthy options.


I personally eat breakfast - gluten free oatmeal or gluten free granola - in my dorm room, so I’m not exactly sure what they serve at the C4C. However, some healthy breakfast options that'll never let you down can include eggs, breakfast meats, tuna salad, avocado toast, oatmeal and fruit.


Mexican food:

Mexican food options are always available at the C4C and the UMC. They have many options, from burritos to bowls and everything in between. A way to eat healthy here is by getting a bowl! I usually go with brown rice since it is healthier than white rice, and I add chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo and guacamole.


Persian food:

The C4C has an amazing selection of Persian food; it’s healthy and delicious! They serve rice, grilled vegetables, kabobs (usually lamb or chicken), salads and they have the best Lavash bread. The bread is cut into small, thin slices so you can get just enough to enjoy without feeling guilty about the carbs!


Smoke and Grill:

The Smoke and Grill at the C4C has so many delicious options that are unfortunately not that healthy, but luckily they can make a custom order for you! You can request a piece of grilled chicken, which they will gladly prepare for you, and you can pair that with some vegetables, potatoes or rice. The Slumgullion Pass Grill at the UMC does this too.



I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know, but I also know that I can’t eat a lot of sugar. The UMC offers fruit cups that you can assemble yourself and the C4C offers fruit like green and red apples, pears, bananas, grapes, and oranges as alternatives to desserts like ice cream and cookies. That being said, it is perfectly healthy to indulge in dessert every once in a while. I know I do! Everything in moderation.



Personally, I stay away from soda because it has so much sugar. Most of the time I drink water — still and sparkling — and occasionally I drink unsweetened iced tea, which is a great alternative to soda. Also, I love coffee but I can’t drink it black, and once again, I don’t want to get it sweetened because of the sugar. So, I add coconut milk (you can add any other milk/milk alternative), and sometimes I will add honey to give it a bit of a flavor without any artificial flavoring. 


I hope this was helpful for those of you that want some healthy alternatives! I know it is so difficult to eat healthy with all the temptation around you and the repetitive options, but I hope this gave you a bit of a range and makes you feel better about the available options. Hope everyone has a great week!