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How to Create an Efficient Finals Study Schedule

Finals week is here and we’re all stressed about our upcoming workload, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for it all. Sure, there is a lot to complete in a short amount of time, but creating an effective schedule for the days of finals will help you finish all you need to while making you feel comfortable with the outcome. Creating an efficient study schedule for your finals week doesn’t have to be a particular style, it's all about what makes you feel comfortable with planning out your days. Figuring out how to create the right schedule for you can also be a challenge on top of finals week, but it doesn’t have to be. Below is my own study schedule that I created to help me complete all of my work while still setting aside time for both studying and taking breaks:

Wednesday, April 28th 


10:20am-11:10am: Geography Recitation

12:40pm-1:30pm: European Hist Lecture 

1:50pm-2:40pm Geography Lecture 


Take Astronomy Quiz 

Do Astronomy Homework Assignment 

Thursday, April 29th 


12:45pm-2:00pm: Astronomy Lecture

5:30pm-9:30pm: Work 


Study for Global History Exam 

Create Study Materials for Astronomy Final

Create Study Materials for Geography Final

Friday, April 30th 


Reading Day (No Classes) 

Sorority Fundraiser at 6pm 


Study for Global History Final (morning)

Take Global Hist Final (afternoon)

Saturday, May 1st 


Take Morning Break 


Work of European History Essays 

Study for Astronomy Final  

Study for Geography Final 

Sunday, May 2nd 


4:30pm-7pm: Astronomy Final Exam 

7:30pm-10pm: Geography Final Exam


Study for Astronomy Exam 

Study for Geography Exam 

Work on European History  Essays 

Monday, May 3rd 


European History Final due at 4pm 


Work on European History Essays 

I’m not the type of person to plan out my day minute to minute because I like to be prepared for what pops up throughout without feeling like my schedule was wasted. This schedule allows me to write off the tasks for the day on my own time, even if that means I cross them off at 2 am the next day or 3 pm that same day. The study schedule you decide to create should be created based on your wanted study habits for the week. If you want to dedicate all the days you have to a minute-by-minute plan to ensure that you don’t get distracted, go for it. Or if you're like me and like a little flexibility in your schedule, just make a simple to-do list with the events/classes of the day added to it. The schedule you create is all up to you and should fit what makes you comfortable. It may be challenging to create one, but planning out your days will help ensure that you complete everything you needed to do to the best of your abilities with the time you have. The annual finals time is stressful, but take a deep breath, make a study schedule so that you don’t forget about anything, and kick this week's butt! 

Kyra Dascher

CU Boulder '23

Kyra is a junior studying history and journalism. She is a midwest native who loves writing lifestyle content and spends most of her days outside appreciating Colorados beauty!
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