Hottest Boulder Trends

As a student at CU, I’m sure you’ve noticed at least a handful of girls wearing their daily outfit consisting of a teddy coat, black leggings, and white Nike Air Force one’s. Here in Boulder, word on fashion trends travels fast, especially among the students. I’m sure some of us can admit to following these trends (we wouldn’t follow them if they weren’t cute). In case you haven’t caught onto the Boulder fashion circuit or you’re simply wanting to check off the clothes in your closet, here are some of the more recent trends to stock up on:


Teddy Coats


These coats go with everything and anything! They’re also perfect for the bipolar Boulder weather. 


Nike Air Force/Superga sneakers


White Sneakers like the brands listed above are a great addition to any outfit as they also go with everything. Move over Converse and Vans, Nike and Superga are moving in!


Puffy Winter Coats


In Boulder, I’m sure you’ve seen the classic bright pink or camo puffy winter jacket. These puffy jackets are perfect for photo shoots at Flagstaff or just walking around campus trying to beat the cold.




Sportswear is the perfect dress code for any darty. It is the in-between to looking both cute and comfortable in complete Boulder fashion.


Doc Marten Combat Boots


Doc Marten’s are making a comeback. You will see all types of different styles, but one of the more popular styles you will see here in Boulder is the platform shoe in shiny black or white.


Hair clips


Remember the clips you wore in your hair when you were younger? Just like butterfly clips made their comeback, normal hair clips are also making their formal appearance right here in our backyard.


Boulder is always taking on multiple fashion trends and constantly swapping them out for new ones. If you’ve caught onto the newest trends, stick with them and don’t be afraid to strut your stuff because everyone else will be doing so right along with you!


Signin’ off, bang bang, kiss kiss,

Nikki B.