Candy Canes Ornaments Christmas

The Holiday Decor You Need Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Holiday decor shopping can be overwhelming. With so many options out there, reduce the stress and let us do the work for you. 

  1. 1. Aquarius 

    You’re friendly and loyal, Aquarius, so some warm scented candles are perfect for you! Cozy up your space with some vanilla, sugar cookie, or gingerbread candles this holiday season. This is our favorite one from Amazon

  2. 2. Pisces

    You’re imaginative and sensitive, Pisces, so it’s fitting that some fun garland is ideal for you this holiday season. Maybe use it to frame your bedroom door, your window, or maybe even along your wall. Play around with it, and get creative! Here's a link to the one above. 

  3. 3. Aries


    You’re a fire sign, aries! You love to stand out, be spontaneous, and always be the center of attention, so why would your home be any different? The holiday season is all about bright reds and greens, so your perfect holiday decoration is bright red throw pillows to brighten up your space. 

  4. 4. Taurus


    You’re warmhearted and love security, Taurus. So all the cozy throw blankets are in your future. The best thing about this one is, throw blankets are everywhere! You have free reign on pattern choices, colors, and size. Stock up on some warm throws at Walmart for only $9.50. 

  5. 5. Gemini

    Taili Samson

    You’re adaptable, youthful, and lively, Gemini, so some holiday twinkle lights are a great way to sparkle up your space! They come in so many fun colors and you can put them anywhere! Maybe along your ceiling, around your door frame, or even wrapped around your television stand or your dining room table if you’re feeling adventurous. 

  6. 6. Cancer

    You’re emotional, loving, and imaginative, Cancer, so it’s fitting that a holiday wreath is your perfect decoration this season. Wreaths can be bought at a store, or DIY'd to bring out your imaginative and creative side. 

  7. 7. Leo

    laptop on desk with himalayan salt lamp

    You’re generous and warmhearted, Leo, so it’s fitting that some cute table or desk decorations are perfect for you. Bring on the cute knickknacks. 

  8. 8. Virgo

    Woman Covering Face With Book On Bed

    You’re modest, meticulous, and reliable, Virgo, so the best way to decorate for the holiday season is to buy some festive sheets, whether it be as far as candy canes, or just some fun stripes. They’ll pop out just enough under your simple comforter, without cluttering your space. 

  9. 9. Libra

    Photo Of Snow Capped Mountain Through Windshield

    You like things simple, Libra. So we think your perfect holiday decor is some simple snowflake table decor. This one we found on Amazon would be perfect for you. It’s simple, it’s rustic, and if you’re in Colorado like we are, it’s the perfect amount of mountain vibes. You can also DIY this one if you have some nails, wood, string, and spare time!

  10. 10. Scorpio

    Candy Canes Ornaments Christmas

    You’re exciting and passionate, Scorpio, so decorate your home with some ornaments this holiday season. You can hang them from your ceiling with a little string and some pushpins for a fun and cute DIY this holiday season, and make a holiday chandelier of sorts. Here's a link to this DIY ornament chandelier! 

  11. 11. Sagittarius

    Mac laptop with a You Got This sign

    You’re optimistic and freedom-loving, Sagittarius, so you need some holiday decor that’ll brighten up your space, but is easily removable after the holiday season has passed. That’s why we think some decorative signs are the ideal for you this holiday season. They’re easily hangable, and easily removable, so you don’t get tied down in this decor for too long. This one was our favorite!

  12. 12. Capricorn

    container next to flowers

    You’re practical, patient, and humorous, Capricorn, so it’s super fitting that funny decorative dish towels/hand towels are perfect for you! You can brighten up your home, and get in the holiday spirit, without creating too much clutter. 

Happy holidays, cuties!