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CU Boulder is well known for its sustainable policies and culture. That applies to our Her Campus chapter, as well. So, a collaboration seemed essential on what our writers do, or want to do more, to reduce their carbon footprint, waste level, or energy usage. Although we’re a chapter made of many different personalities, interests, and habits, we all seemed to agree on some practices that are just better for the environment, no matter how small. See them compiled below:

Reusable Dishes and Mugs

Growing increasingly popular, reusable mugs, straws, and more were a common suggestion from HCCU. Director of Events and Management Marita Blake recommends finding an emotional support water bottle (although you need to make sure you wash it), and contributing writer Jess Alschuler agreed that her reusable Starbucks Tumbler has saved a lot of plastic from going in the trash. It doesn’t just stop at beverage holders, though– Social Media Assistant Anna Bedell brought up the usefulness of reusable straws. These straws are great for the environment, but it’s also just so much more fun to drink out of a straw–definitely recommended!

Eating Habits

Although it’s hard to gain control over food consumption in college, especially when stuck with a meal plan, our HCCU writers show that it is definitely possible. Contributing writer Jordan Saladino shared a hack for making your own vegetable broth out of any leftover vegetables that you aren’t planning on eating. Editor Courtney Rael added to that idea by stressing the importance of reducing your food waste, and being aware of what and how much you add to your plate. Furthermore, Social Media Assistant Leonnie Quintana Haslam promoted cutting meat out of your diet as much as possible, even if you aren’t planning on going vegetarian or vegan. 

Chores and School

CU Boulder has a beautiful campus, with some incredibly eco-friendly innovations and buildings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t become a better campus through individual contributions. Alia Davis, Director of Events and Management, as well as Mariana Bastias, Philanthropy Assistant, both recommended that you thrift textbooks, use the library, and purchase used books before looking for new ones. 

Contributing writer Yana Medvedeva sometimes picks up litter she finds on campus, and we should all definitely follow suit. Writer Myles Cress also does her part when it comes to reducing her carbon footprint around Boulder by using public transportation (shout out to the Buff Bus)! 

When it comes to getting chores done, HCCU also had some recommendations for doing it in a more earth-friendly way. Editor-In-Chief Masha Gradushy reminded everyone to turn off light switches and water taps as quickly as possible, while Marita Blake suggested washing clothes on cold water settings when possible. It’s also important to use natural light before turning on a light switch!

Get Creative

Who said sustainability can’t be fun? Our resident artist Jordan Saladino pointed out that we should be using eco-friendly watercolors and paint, because not all paint is especially good for the environment. Thrifting was brought up a couple of times, as well as donating your clothes instead of throwing them away, like writer Kailynn Renfro

There’s also a great opportunity to look cooler and more earth-conscious with reusable grocery bags, like Writer Charlotte Youngman uses.  You can also get creative with what people normally consider useless, like Events and Management Assistant Katie Jacobson did when making flower crowns out of dandelion weeds. 

When you think about it, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bettering yourself for the environment. Get out there this Earth Day and make some changes in your day-to-day routine to do our part in the fight for our planet, like our HCCU Buffs do. 

Genevieve Andersen

CU Boulder '24

Genevieve is a CU student studying Political Science and French. She loves reading, dogs, and all things outdoors, and in her free time you'll find her on a hiking or ski trail!
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