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HCCU x Cash App

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

HCCU x Cash App – the EASIEST way to send money fast


Her Campus CU Boulder  is partnering with Square to highlight its app, Cash App. Cash App is the simplest way to instantly send money to anyone. It is ranked #1 in Finance on the App Store.


Our chapter had the opportunity to experience all of the app’s incredible features like Cash Card Boosts which can save you 10% at all your fav restaurants and $1 at coffee shops all across the country!



Plus, Cash App send us all these amazing goodies to share with you all!


Here are a few ways you can get $5 for free with Cash App, and be entered in to win a basket full of Cash App x HCCU goodies


Receive $5 to start: Download the Cash App – use the code WQXBSSL

1- go to profile 2- scroll to the bottom 3- enter code Referral Code: WQXBSSL


Get even more free money! Share Cash App with your friends!!

1. Top left corner of screen where their balance is shown is a little face icon.  Click on that. 2.  Right under their name is a clickable link that says “Invite Friends, Get $5”.  Click on that. 3.  You can enter in your contacts easily here. 4. There is also a green hyperlink here that they can click or copy that make it easy to share on social media, in email, etc.  

Request Cash Card and Use Boosts to get 10% off at all your favorite restaurants and $1 off at coffee shops!

1. Same screen where the referral link is, scroll down to request a Cash Card: 2- Setup your account AND order a Cash Card. 2- To use Boosts before you get your card, link your card to your Apple Pay wallet.

3- Click on your stored balance and you will notice your stored balance amount, the cash card below, then a section with the Boost Carousel. 4- Click on the Boost section at the bottom and scroll through to find the Boost you want to activate. 5- Swipe the boost on to your card to activate. 6- Pay with your Cash Card via the Card or via Apple Pay.


What is Cash Card? The free customizable Cash Card comes packed with premium features not even a credit card can offer! With the Cash Card, you can customize Cash Boosts that offer instant discounts at restaurants and coffee shops. Plus, the Cash Card puts you in control of your money with ia-app safety features that let you pause your card with a touch. Unlike a credit card, there are no fees with a Cash Card and a credit check isn’t require to receive one. Boosts Save up to 10% at your favorite restaurants or $1 at coffee shops across the country every time you swipe your Cash Card. Cash App just rolled out new Boosts for Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Domino’s, and Panda Express. Save 10% every time you swipe! When swiping select a boost and swipe your Cash Card at one of the following locations: Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Shake Shack, Domino’s, Dairy Queen, Panda Express, and coffee shops.


Wanna another opportunity to hang with the girls of HCCU and earn some Cash App goodies? Join us for Feeding Friends & Giving Back


Lauren is currently majoring in Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences and minoring in Business in the Leeds School of Business, Leadership in the LSM Program, and Women and Gender Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Colorado Boulder. On campus Lauren currently holds the position of Her Campus CU Boulder's Chapter President and Campus Correspondent. She also acts as an Aerie Real on campus ambassador, held the position of  Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Rep for CU for the previous two years, and acts as the social media chairman and event coordinator for the PSICHI Psychology Honors Club within CU's Psychology department.  Outside of school Lauren founded and owns Empyreal Photography. When she's not looking through a camera lens or somewhere drinking chai, you can probably find her in a yoga class, petting a dog, or daydreaming about New York City.