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HCCU Celebrates International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day you beautiful boss babes! Today is a day to not only celebrate how badass we are, but also to remember the journey of women before us that have fought and continue to fight for our rights. We asked our writers to share what women's empowerment and equality means to them and something empowering they want other women reading this article to hear. 

Madi Sinsel (Staff Writer)To me, equality means feeling safe and loved in your own skin, and being confident enough to take hold of the opportunities that the world gives for you. To any woman reading this, I want you to know you ARE enough, and that nobody should be able to tell you otherwise.

Louisa Brott (Staff Writer): Women's empowerment is supporting women in collaboration rather than competition. I love that we live in a world where it is more popular to support the women in our lives as they get to the top rather than drag them down

Pranathi Durgempudi (Editor In Chief): Women’s empowerment and equality is deeply rooted in choice. We must create a safe and welcoming environment for women to be exactly who they are. Women need to understand that if they see other women who choose to represent themselves differently than you, that doesn’t make them any less of a beautiful, powerful woman. Shave your legs or not? Short hair or long hair? Skirts or pants? Doesn’t matter. Our beauty lies in the variety, and we must fight for women around the world to have the same choices we do

Shelby Lavery (Staff Writer): For me, women's empowerment means hyping each other up about anything and everything we set out to do. It means supporting each other no matter what and pushing each other to do bigger and better things and actually making each other believe in ourselves. It means fixing each other's crowns when they become crooked and building each other up when things don't go the way we want. To all the women out there reading this, I want you to know that you are so beautiful just the way you are and you are stronger than you can even imagine. You can do absolutely ANYTHING you want in the world, so go out there and get it, girl! <3

Kaitland Schaper (Staff Writer): Women's empowerment is being yourself because no one else can be you, doing things you want to because women are ridiculed no matter what they decide to do. Empowerment is not letting anyone get you down or tell you what you should be doing because you, as a woman know what is right for yourself. Women's empowerment is accepting your body despite everyone telling you that you shouldn't. Women's empowerment is existing without caring what others think. I want to empower women by saying you are valid. However you choose to be in this world, you are valid and no one can take that away from you. Spread kindness and support to other women and make sure they know it too because we are all strong and deserve a place in this world

Brenna Joy Faricy (Staff Writer): Female Empowerment to me is being willing to fully embrace our differences, from both men and each other, and use them as our strengths. They are a repressed reservoir of talent and opportunity that our willingness gives life to.

Olivia Todd (Staff Writer): Women's empowerment means loving the invisible and visible scars that makeup who you are. It means accepting your past and believing in your present and future. It means empathy and strength and recognizing that as women we are powerful. I know I've had doubts about accepting exactly who I am, but when people are there for you remember to not push them away. Just hold on.

Megan Grote (Staff Writer): Women empowerment to me means supporting other women and stressing the importance of gender equality in all realms of life as well as reminding women of their worth and potential and that they are capable of everything and anything they set their mind to.

Samantha Keller (Staff Writer): For me, women’s empowerment means supporting each other through each and everything we do. It means setting aside our differences and whatever repressed jealousy we may have had in the past to make everyone feel loved.

Kelley Laxton (Staff Writer): We are at a time when being a woman is truly rewarding. We have the power to really make a difference and to be proud of how far we have come! From all of us at Her Campus CU Boulder, we wish you a fab International Women’s Day.




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Grace Smith

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Grace currently serves as the Her Campus CU Boulder Chapter President. She is honored to lead a team of 50+ badass women who are passionate about creating personable content. When she is not at chapter meetings, you will find Grace with a coffee cup in one hand and her laptop in the other working on articles, running her business, or talking to her mom. Grace is a senior graduating with a BA in History with an emphasis on Medieval Studies. Her research focuses on medieval witchcraft.
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