Hate to Break it to You, But You’ve Probably Been Washing Your Hair All Wrong

From a young age, we’ve been told that it’s important to wash our hair every day and that the “quicker” you wash it, the better. Because of this, we’ve fallen into this habit of washing our hair every day as quickly as possible without even thinking about it. Washing your hair should be as easy as brushing your teeth, right? Not exactly. When it comes to the health of your hair, a wide range of factors can impact it such as your diet, mood and how physically active you are. Beyond these factors, the health of your hair also comes down to how well you wash it. 

Washing your hair properly can help your hair grow stronger while looking cleaner, shinier and healthier. 

Here are some tips + tricks to wash your hair properly:

  1. 1. Use sulfate-free shampoo + conditioner.

    It might be easy to overlook the ingredients inside your hair products, but it’s so important to read the label to ensure you’re not putting unnecessary harsh chemicals into your hair. One of the ingredients you should be looking out for is sulfate. Shampoos with sulfates are more likely to dry your hair out because it strips your hair of the natural oils that keep it healthy. Opting for shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free ensures your hair retains its moisture.

  2. 2. Wash your hair with lukewarm or room temperature water.

    Let’s be honest, taking a hot shower is one of the best feelings ever especially when you’re coming home from a long day. Even though it’s tempting to shower with hot water, it’s actually better to wash your hair with lukewarm or room temperature water. Without delving too deep into the scientific reasoning behind this, using this temperature of water will make your wash more effective because it’ll open up your hair cuticles and pores to make it easier to get rid of any dirt or buildup you may have.

  3. 3. Finish your shower off with a cold water rinse.

    Rinsing your hair with cold water may be the last thought on your mind when it comes to washing your hair (I feel you), but it’s honestly so worth it to brave the cold for a couple of seconds. Giving your hair a quick rinse with cold water before hopping out of the shower not only helps close up your hair cuticles, but it also seals your hair moisture while adding shine to it. 

  4. 4. Don’t brush your hair immediately after showering.

    It’s natural to want to brush the tangles out of your hair immediately after showering, but your hair is more weak and fragile when it’s wet―making it more prone to breakage. Wait until your hair is a little dry before you start brushing it! If you’re worried about the tangles while you’re waiting for your hair to dry, brush your hair with some detangler before hopping in the shower. It’s also best to brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb―this type of brush will be more gentle on your hair and help prevent further strand breakage.

  5. 5. Lather the shampoo in your hands before applying it to your hair.

    I’m definitely guilty of applying shampoo straight onto my hair, but I found that lathering it on my hands first makes it so much easier to spread the shampoo evenly throughout my hair. Lathering the shampoo evenly in your hands may seem like an unnecessary small step, but it’ll prevent you from using too much shampoo (a little goes a long way), and it’ll cause less hair damage because you won’t have to scrub your hair as much to get the shampoo to foam up.

No matter what your hair type is, you can implement these small little changes to your hair care routine and your locks will be glowing from top to bottom!