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Haley Rosen: DG Extraordinaire


With every New Year, comes a new officer class for every sorority ready to bring fresh ideas and events to their house. For Delta Gamma, juniors “pass the torch” on to the sophomore class with hopes that Delta Gamma will make the next school year even greater than the previous. As the sophomores of DG began to think of ways to make 2013 a great year, I had the pleasure of talking to sophomore Haley Rosen about her officer position and find out a thing or two about this up and coming Psychology Major.

HC: What made you choose CU?

HR: I have always loved the state of Colorado but having two sisters also attend CU made it even more appealing. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come here!

HC: What made you choose DG?

HR: Choosing DG was a no brainer! The girls are genuine and that is what I was looking for during recruitment.

HC: What is your favorite aspect of Greek life?

HR: I really enjoy meeting people from all over the country, and making memories that will last a lifetime with my friends.

HC: What officer position did you get? As your officer position what do you do/ what are your responsibilities as a DG?

HR: I am VP of Member Education. My main responsibilities are to teach the new members about Delta Gamma and to welcome them into the sorority! The first few weeks of joining a sorority can be stressful and intimidating, so I am there to make the transition easier!

HC: How do you balance DG/school? Are you involved in any sports or clubs?

HR: I make sure to get my schoolwork done ahead of time so I am not busy trying to balance everything. Also, I am always looking at my schedule to make sure I am not falling behind in school and DG!

HC: How involved is DG with CU?

HR: Here at CU, Delta Gamma plays an important philanthropic role in the community.

HC: What are some fun facts about yourself?

HR: I’m from the Chicago area but I love spending time in Colorado! I love to ski, hikeand run. I love animals, music and sports! I am majoring in psychology at CU. I was a roller-skating extra in Lil Bow Wow’s world famous and highly acclaimedMovie, “Rollbounce”!

HR: It’s a typical Friday night- what are you doing?

HC: You can find me hanging out with my friends and grabbing a quick dinner on the Hill before going out.




Allison Hicks is a freshman at CU Boulder hoping to earn a degree in English and Political Science. Allison is an active member of the Delta Gamma sorority and loves anything pink, blue, and bronze. While not participating in DG events, Allison enjoys hiking, going to concerts at Red Rocks, dancing, writing, and meeting new people. Allison is thrilled to be a part of HC CU Boulder! Go Buffs! 
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