Guide to all Summer Updos

It’s almost summer, which means all the adorable beach wave hairstyles will be making a comeback. Only, the summer heat makes us girls with thick, long hair, a sticky, and sweaty mess. Not to mention our beach waves will probably just look like a frizzy mess after a few hours.  The everyday struggle of wanting perfect summer hair, but not wanting your neck to be super sweaty is now finally solved. These are sweet and cute updos to save you from sweating away your hairstyle this summer vacation.


  1. Braided Buns

What is better than a pair of dutch braids into two buns? During summer this is a life saver if you have medium or short lengthed hair. It is the perfect way to keep your hair out of your way, but you still look elegant and cute.



    2. Half up Space Buns

This is a style that we have even seen the Kardashian sisters rocking, so why would you want to miss out on this trend? This is the perfect summer go to for girls with thick hair who can’t quite make the commitment to have your hair all the way up. Having half of your hair up will be sure to help you cool off.




    3. Braided High Pony

I know what you’re thinking, why would she write about a ponytail, that’s exactly what I was trying to avoid?  Well, you can actually “dress up” your pony. Adding a classic fishtail braid right down the center will add the chic summer look you’re trying to achieve.




    4. Classic Dutch or French Braids

The hairstyle we all grew up on, double braids. So why not bring them back? They are super cute and easy, not to mention they will keep all your hair back. If you have longer hair, this might work well because we all knot how hard it is to get all of your hair up in a bun. So instead of struggling to get the perfect bun, opt for this double braid look.




    5. Top Knot

Lastly, we have the top knot. Even models like Gigi Hadid opt for this hairstyle. This can be worn two ways. You can wear it as a complete updo like Gigi, or you can wear it as another half up/half down hairstyle.  





While the summer heat usually will turn our chic wavy hairstyles into a frizzy mess, summer 2017 will be different. To avoid spending your summer worrying about how your hair looks or how sweaty your neck may be, try out one of these hairstyles and your life may just be changed. But if you can’t quite make the commitment of having all your hair up, half up hairstyles will definitely be your lifesaver this vacation. So go out and enjoy your summer frizz free!