Graduation Tips and Tricks

Hi ladies, so in the theme of these graduation related articles, I wanted to give you my best tips and tricks from my years as a dancer on how to look flawless on graduation day!

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So while most of this is from my dance years, try as much or as little as you want for graduation day, and I hope it all helps!

1. Make sure you have a robe that fits!

It should hit your mid-calf, but check the sleeve length. You want to have hands in your grad photos, but you also don’t want to look like you are wearing a cutoff T-shirt on stage. Fit is everything!!!

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2. No gown is actually cute, so make sure your outfit underneath is something comfortable, but also cute for the after pics with family.

I personally recommend something you can walk around and sit in, but you also like the look of it underneath your gown and as a stand alone.


3. Staying with the theme of the gown, DO NOT WEAR A WRINKLED GOWN TO GRADUATION!!!!!!!

If you don’t have a steamer, be sure to iron the INSIDE of the gown. If you don’t have a steamer or an iron, hang your gown in the bathroom while you take a REALLY hot shower with the door closed. This is pretty much a DIY steamer.

If you want to use a hair straightener use your best judgment, it's my worst nightmare to use that but girls, be innovative!

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4. At this point y’all should know Colorado weather is the craziest, so be ready!

Check the weather, bring layers, wear sunscreen, drink water!


5. If you don’t have a tinted sunscreen mix some of your concealer with oil-free sunscreen and top it with a matte powder to get the look you want and sunscreen all in one.

Using sunscreen when outside in Colorado is a must and you will probably be really miserable if your face is fried halfway through the day. For real ladies, it is a long day with millions of pictures and psuedo hikes for that *perfect* picture.

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6. Take your hair tie off of your wrist to receive your diploma and for pictures.

This is the pesky one that everyone always forgets, but it will make you so happy.


7. If you’re putting your hair up, spray your bobby pins with hairspray BEFORE putting them in to give it extra hold.

Also hairspray will be your best friend when it’s hot and you’re sweating, extra hold never hurt anyone!

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8. Drink water, lots of water, all of the water!!!!

If you go partying before the ceremony make sure to drink plenty of water because there's a good chance your family is here and you don’t want to be stumbling across the stage. Also, tell your family to drink plenty of water.

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Congratulations, ladies!!!!