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“Gossip Girl” is my favorite show. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. (Because of “Gossip Girl”) What better tribute to those things than by rating every Thanksgiving episode that “Gossip Girl” blessed us with.


If you’ve watched “Gossip Girl” at least once (or even five times, like some of us) you’re bound to remember the iconic Thanksgiving scene, which resulted in everyone storming off while Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” played in the background. That alone sets it at the top of my list, but if you’re not convinced I’ll explain why. 

This episode has a very steamy and inappropriate affair between Serena and Tripp Vanderbilt, Nate realizing he’s still in love with Serena, Blair and Chuck plotting, Rufus and Lily drama, and even an unexpected appearance from Cece Rhodes. Vanessa and her mom are in this episode too, and Jenny and Eric were fighting. It was also where Lily and her kids were not celebrating at a diner and instead ended with Serena leaving with Tripp and Chuck comforting Nate. It had the perfect drama to wholesome ratio, and nothing will ever top the infamous dinner scene.

Best quote from this episode: “Your sweet potatoes are bland.” -Eric Van Der Woodsen.


*TW: Eating Disorder.

This was the first taste of “Gossip Girl” Thanksgiving we ever received and can I just say, I was NOT disappointed. This episode was beautifully delivered. It took place both in the present and the Thanksgiving before. It aligned every event that had seemed to have gone perfect the year before, to it falling apart in the present, while also foreshadowing everything that would go wrong. 

Fast forward to the present time: Serena and Blair fight over Nate, Lily, Rufus and Allison have a heavy dish of drama, and the Archibalds argue so much. The Captain also ended up in the hospital. Everyone had planned to go to the Waldorf’s, but were all uninvited because of their falling outs with Blair. Dan dragged Serena and her family to dinner, which also fell apart. However, after all of the drama, all of the families seemed to make amends with themselves and ended with the Humphrey’s playing football, the Waldorf ladies enjoying a late-night meal and of course, the Vanderwoodsens were enjoying fries at a diner. It was chaotic yet harmonious and delivered true “Gossip Girl” spirit. 

Best quote from this episode: “Oh, is that Cedric?” -Blair Waldorf.

S6: E8

*This episode does contain very heavy cultural appropriation by Blair and Chuck in a juicy(ish) scene. Do better, GG.

The reason this episode is not at the bottom of the list is that it blew up even quicker than expected. Dan and Serena had just gotten back together and wanted to host their first-ever Thanksgiving. Of course, Blair had other plans. Dan was doing his weird exposee’ writing thing and Nate was fretting The Spectator’s demise. 

Blair was focused on getting Serena back with Steven, and he and Sage did make an appearance at the dinner table. It ended with Dan being put on blast for his terrible actions against his friends and family, along with a punch from Nate. Chuck spends it trying to expose Bart and Lily gets dragged into the middle of it, leaving everyone once again feeling defeated and upset on Thanksgiving. It was a good episode overall, but I still cannot get over that scene of Blair dressed so offensively. 

Best quote from this episode: “Hopefully Chuck can hold his tongue until after pie.” -Serena Van Der Woodsen


This episode was honestly weird and didn’t deliver much. Jenny was going through her whole emancipation thing and created a lot of stress, Lily found out about Bart’s invasion of privacy, Serena was lying to Aaron, who was also weird during this episode. Blair also spent the entire day mad at Eleanor when Eleanor had planned something very lovely for Blair. Chuck and Eric teamed up and Vanessa hit on Nate, and, In “Gossip Girl” tradition, everything blew up.

It ended with Lily angry at Bart and both her and her kids celebrating with the Humphrey’s. Shocking. Cute, but not very surprising. Vanessa also pretended to reconcile with Jenny and then kept something very important from her. The most interesting thing to happen was that The Captain returned and tried to hold Nate and his mom for ransom, but Nate being the amazing man he is, convincing him to turn himself in. Otherwise, this episode would’ve made a great lullaby. 

Best Quote: “You have my word. Whatever that’s worth” -Chuck Bass.



TW: Overdose, Drugs

Not only was this episode sad, but it barely constitutes a Thanksgiving one. It started off with Blair running away to Paris because of her arguments with both Serena and Chuck. However, Dorota convinces her to bake Serena Howard’s famous pie and Blair concedes. When they arrive at Lily’s, however, they realize Serena had been missing. She wakes up after Juliet drugged her.

Lily, believing Serena overdosed, admits her to the Ostroff Center. Vanessa learns this and feels very guilty for helping Juliet plot against her. Both Juliet and Nate spend their holiday fighting with their loved ones in prison. Blair and Chuck make amends and both do some soul searching. It is a very dark episode and very unlike the rest of GG’s Thanksgiving episodes. It was just hard to watch and not in line with the rest of the Thanksgiving episodes.

Best quote from this episode: “Do they have a word in Polish for ‘pain in the ass’?” -Blair Waldorf.

Overall, “Gossip Girl” has delivered when it comes to Thanksgiving. Despite how dramatic it is, it’s a great show and I recommend it. If you want to judge these episodes for yourself, you can find it on Netflix. Which one is your favorite?

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