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Going Back to College told by Friends

We all count down the days until summer vacation, but soon realize it may not be as exciting as it once was. Now that you’re in college your friends live all around the country so you’ll hardly see them. Oh and let’s not forget all of our freedom that may be taken away by our families. We love them, but can only take living at home in small doses now. Now that is it time to kiss the summer goodbye, these are all of your back to college thoughts told by Friends.


    1. Moving Back



    2. Feeling free again when your parents leave 



    3. Meeting up with all of your Friends..it’s about time



    4. Going on your first adventure together again



    5. Syllabus Week



    6. Class gets harder & you have responsibilities again



    7. Missing you family/home cooked meals



Going back to school while you’re in college is kind of a rollercoaster ride of emotions. While we love our friends it’s easy to start to miss our families. But in the end, you’re free again living your own life with your very best friends and they make school and responsibilities a little more bearable. Welcome Back Buffs! Have a wonderful semester!


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Alexis Morgan

CU Boulder '19

Alexis grew up in Southern Colorado and is a senior this school year. She is majoring in Marketing with an Operations & Information Management Certificate, and a minor in Communications. Currently she is a PINK Campus Representative and a Style Guru with College Fashionista. In her free time you can expect to see her shopping, in a pilates class, or taking a break at the local Starbucks.
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