Five Timeless Fall Fashion Staples to Amp up Your Wardrobe

With the month of October beginning, the fall season is in full swing! There are many key factors to autumn–– pumpkins, apple cider, changing leaves, Halloween, etc.–– however, one of the most notable aspects of this season is fall fashion. From sweaters to boots, fall fashion is widely considered a favorite by many due to the comfort and versatility among each feature of clothing. Though trends change over time, there are several timeless autumn wardrobe staples that seem to carry over year after year.

  1. 1. Denim Jackets

    Regardless of the ongoing fashion trends, denim jackets will always stay in style! If you’ve yet to invest in a quality denim jacket, I highly recommend adding this stylish staple to your repertoire, as its uses are endless! Try throwing your denim jacket on top of a sundress (or even around the waist) for a more casual yet feminine look. If dresses aren’t your thing, dark-wash denim can add a super cool, subtle edge to any look. The possibilities are truly endless with denim jackets. 

    Tip: For a more sustainable fashion choice, try thrifting this item! Denim holds up super well, so you’re likely to find some good quality jackets in second-hand stores that won’t be a burden on your wallet. Also, don’t neglect the men’s section! I’ve found adorable oversized vintage Levi’s for under $10 in the men’s section. Just sayin’ ;)

  2. 2. Knit Scarves

    Like denim jackets, knit scarves are a great timeless staple to keep in your closet. Not only are they incredibly cute, but they are great for the unpredictable autumn weather! If you’re on your way to class, try quickly throwing on a scarf to protect your neck and face from the harsh wind or snow. Plus, you’ll be super comfy (and cute!) for class. Regardless of what someone is wearing, I’ve found that an added scarf automatically makes them look exponentially more put together.

  3. 3. Combat Boots

    In recent years, one of the most prevalent fall trends has been incorporating combat boots into pretty much any and every outfit. A nice leather boot can add so much spunk and edge into an outfit, bringing the whole thing together. One of my personal favorite autumn trends is the juxtaposition of a flowy, feminine dress paired with chunky, edgy Doc Martens (a popular brand of combat boots). This season, I chose to opt with the maroon patent-leather Docs pictured below. I thought the shiny, colorful shoe was a unique choice compared to the standard matte black shoe that is most commonly seen, although the original black ones can also be the perfect statement piece in an outfit.

  4. 4. Funky Sweaters

    As a sweater fanatic, I can safely say that fun, unique sweaters are at the top of my autumn fashion checklist. While there’s nothing wrong with a standard, run-of-the-mill sweater, I personally think that having unique colors and styles of sweaters can elevate your outfit drastically. Some of the major aspects that I look for in a sweater include texture, color, and shape. For example, super colorful sweaters can add a fun and whimsical factor to your outfit! As far as shapes go, it can be fun to change things up by finding something out of your comfort zone, like a sweater with bell-cut sleeves or a turtleneck.

  5. 5. A Spunky Belt

    Whether you’re rocking a dress or some jeans, a unique belt is always a key fashion staple to help elevate your outfit. While belts can be used to serve their primary function of keeping your pants up, they can also provide an extra “oomph” to your clothing ensemble as a whole! A spunky belt can add color, edge, and texture to a simple outfit, making it the perfect way to elevate an outfit. Whether it’s super colorful or has unique buckles, a funky belt is an easy way to completely transform your look. Plus, it gives your waist the appearance of being smaller (I mean, who doesn’t love that?!). 

With these five new tips added to your fashion repertoire this season, you will look ready for some autumn fun! For some extra pizzazz, try mixing and matching some of these tips with some fashion staples of your own. Ultimately, fashion is about exploring and pushing boundaries, and quite frankly, some of the coolest trends have been the most “out-there” combinations, so don’t be afraid to get weird and creative with your style this fall season.