Five Steps to Finding Your Personal Style

I have always been very passionate about fashion and using what I wear to express how I am feeling at that moment. Because of this, I have tried every style under the sun to try and figure out what exactly I like. But, through a lot of trial and error, I was able to cultivate a style and wardrobe that makes me excited about picking out an outfit every day. Trying to find your personal style can be a very long and frustrating process, especially with so many trends to try and styles to work with. But why pick just one style? Why not combine a bunch of different styles you like and make your own style? Follow these five easy steps to help figure out your style.

  1. 1. Find style icons.

    First things first, find style icons that you can draw inspiration from. I love to follow influencers, celebrities, and designers on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and fashion related news. I love Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Tezza, and Madia Idder. By finding style icons, you’ll have a type of guide to help direct your next purchase or outfit. 


  2. 2. Pinterest!

    I have recently rediscovered my love for Pinterest and I cannot believe I let it slip away from me after all these years. In middle school, I used to be obsessed with Pinterest and making different boards. Now, I use Pinterest for outfit ideas and fashion inspiration. Pinterest is super user-friendly and makes saving photos you love effortless with boards that act like folders for different categories. Just start searching and you’ll be sure to find inspiration!


  3. 3. Organize your closet.

    I am a master at keeping clothes I probably will never wear again but have a sentimental attachment to so I can’t get rid of them. One of the first things I did while trying to revamp and find my personal style was decluttering and clearing out my closet. I donated all of the clothes that either didn’t fit, I no longer loved or wore, and pieces that just weren’t my style anymore. For me, this required a lot of willpower to actually bring the size of my closet down. You want to make sure you actually wear what is in your closet! 

  4. 4. Have confidence!

    Don’t be afraid to wear what you truly want to wear. Just because something is trendy or popular at the moment, does not mean that you have to love it as well. If you are going to hop on a trend, make sure it is actually something you enjoy and not just something you see other people enjoying. In order to find your style, you need to be vulnerable and have the confidence to wear whatever you want. 

  5. 5. Experiment.

    It is going to be impossible to find your personal style without some trial and error. Do not be afraid to try anything and everything! And sometimes your style might just surprise you and end up being something you never expected. If you do not want to buy a bunch of new clothes, borrow pieces from friends and family to see how you feel about it before you commit to buying your own! 

Finding your personal style can be very overwhelming. It is a long but rewarding process that can lead to newly discovered confidence and amazing outfits curated just for you.