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Five Black-Owned Beauty Brands You Can Find at Target

Get to know some of the best black-owned beauty brands growing and taking over the shelves of Target. Support small businesses and experience top-notch beauty products!

Carol’s Daughter

Carol’s Daughter specializes in products relating to hair care and skin care. The company originated in Brooklyn, New York when the founder first started selling her products at local flea markets. These products work for all hair types and I can fully attest to their impact. I started using their Black Vanilla Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner which helps with moisturizing while also acting as a detangler.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar was launched in 2012 and provides an abundance of lip products in an overwhelming amount of colors. The brand actually was presented on “Shark Tank” but was ultimately turned down, but this did not stop the partners from growing and making a name for themselves in mainstream stores such as Target. Plus, their products are certified vegan, and who doesn’t love that?

Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine is a cosmetic beauty brand founded in 2013 by Brooklyn-born, Caribbean Loraine Dowdy. Many of the shades of cosmetics are specifically designed for people of color, as well as demonstrating vibrancy and diversity. They make a point to employ individuals of color with 100 percent of their staff being black, and 75 percent being women.

Alikay Naturals

Alikay Naturals is another brand specializing in hair care. Designed predominantly for people of color, their products provide above average hair care products for a wide range of hair types. Since its founding, Alikay Naturals has taken over stores worldwide, and their brand can be found in countries such as The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and Jamaica.

Camille Rose

Camille Rose provides a diverse selection of beauty products ranging from hair care to facial products. Their website helps break down their products into different hair types and makes finding beauty products that much easier. Founder and mother of five Camille Rose was driven to design hair products for people of color, as well as facial products that aim to fight skin conditions, inspired by her child’s experience with eczema. Made with the highest quality of ingredients, Camille Rose provides dependable products inspired by her own experiences.

Target is home to some of the best brands and it’s about time that people start checking them out! So get out there and try some new products!

Megan Grote

CU Boulder '21

Megan is currently a senior at CU Boulder, graduating December 2020, pursuing a double major in Communication and Chinese, and minoring in Information Science. Originally from Virginia, Megan grew up overseas in Qatar and loves learning about people and their experiences with the world. Her passions include all things ocean and space related, animals, and introducing others to the curative powers of funky socks.
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