Five Badass Female Streetwear Influencers to Follow

In recent years, streetwear fashion has exploded in popularity. Yet, even as streetwear becomes more mainstream, the subculture is still heavily male-dominated. As someone who is equally obsessed with streetwear and sneakers as a traditional male hypebeast, I have scoured social media for badass female influencers who are just as obsessed. Check out my favorite female influencers to follow on Instagram for all things streetwear!  

  1. Nadia is one of my favorite streetwear influencers to follow. Her feed is filled with the most popular and recent sneaker releases, styled with hypebeast pieces and lifestyle images. Her feed is the definition of aesthetically pleasing. Follow Nadia to stay up to date with all things sneakers! 

  2. @Sallysnneakers is another one of my favorite influencers that focuses on new sneaker releases. She is always reviewing new releases and curating outfits that match perfectly. Despite having 204k followers, she has never shown her face! If you have a difficult time committing to purchasing a pricey hypebeast sneaker like me, make sure to follow! 

  3. @Wideawakearthquake is the ultimate sneakerhead and Supreme superfan. The German influencer is vocal about closing the gender gap in the streetwear industry and aims for everyone to embrace their personal style, no matter how untraditional it may be. 

  4. Need outfit inspiration? Ida Broen is actually a PR and creative consultant who has turned her Instagram page into the ultimate place to go for outfit inspiration. Ida takes streetwear to the next level and is not afraid to express herself through her clothes. 

  5. As a streetwear enthusiast and fashion designer herself, Aude-Julie is always ahead of the trends. She has a style for every occasion. Each of her posts serves unique streetwear looks and silhouettes that you have never thought of before.

If you are interested in streetwear or just looking for some fashion inspiration, make sure to follow these influencers!