Find Your Local Quarantini

If you’re still in Colorado then you know Governor Jared Polis issued a stay-at-home order that went into effect Thursday, March 26 and will last through April 11. The initial list of non-essential businesses that would close included liquor stores and recreational marijuana dispensaries, but Gov. Polis is allowing these places to stay open as long as they are practicing extreme social distancing. So don’t worry Boulder, Hazel’s will remain open, but so are some of your favorite local restaurants. And they are doing take-out alcohol. Keep reading to find out where you can still find some of your favorite drinks in Boulder and support a local business. 

  1. 1. The Rio Grande

    Although you can’t go for happy hour on Thursdays, The Rio Grande is still doing happy hour prices for their margaritas all the time! Call ahead or simply walk there and order safely from the outside stand they have set up at their Pearl Street Mall location. And of course, you still have your choice between frozen or regular margaritas with all the flavors as before. Grab your quarantine pal, grab a margarita, and support a local business! 

    Phone number: 303-444-3690

    Location: 1101 Walnut St

  2. 2. Rosetta Hall

    It’s not rooftop drinking, but we can pretend thanks to Rosetta Hall, and it’s available for delivery. Call ahead and order pre-batched cocktails with garnishes and small bags of ice that serve four people for $20 or eight people for $35. Talk about luxury at a good price. You can choose your own mix from their selection which includes margaritas, bloody marys, and more. Rosetta Hall is also offering six and 12-packs of beer, wine and champagne by the bottle, and even bottles of liquor such as Evan Williams Bourbon and Havana Club Rum.

    Phone number: 720-323-5509 

    Location: 1109 Walnut St

  3. 3. West End Tavern

    Their dining room is closed, but West End Tavern is offering Curbside Pick-up and DoorDash delivery for food during quarantine. Alcohol is only available through pick-up, though. Call ahead to get wine by the bottle, beers, and selected cocktails anytime between 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Plus, the restaurant is still offering its Wednesday “Whiskey and Wings” special! 

    Phone number: 303-444-3535 

    Location: 926 Pearl St

  4. 4. Hapa Sushi

    You can get your sushi and sake fix with Hapa Sushi! Order for curbside or pick-up. Hapa Sushi will allow customers to place online orders where they can get their favorite sushi rolls, beer bottles, and warm or cold sake. It doesn’t stop there, either. You can get Hapa’s craft cocktails and wine by the bottle when you order online. 

    Phone number: 303-536-5182

    Location: 1117 Pearl St

  5. 5. Shine Restaurant and Potion Bar

    Shine’s potion bar is still open for pick-up! Call ahead to get your favorite CBD mixtures, 32oz Shine bottles to mix at home, and more. Plus, all of their drinks have added health benefits to support you through this crazy time. Make sure to time it right though, Shine is only open from 4-7 p.m. 

    Phone number: 303-449-0120

    Location: 2480 Canyon Blvd

  6. 6. SALT

    Even though it’s only wine and beer, SALT is staying open to offer food and drinks every day through delivery and no-touch curbside pick-up. You can build a six-pack of beer for $15 or just choose one from their selection including Crazy Mountain Amber Ale, Nitro Milk Stout, and more. They also have a list of red and white wine bottles ranging from $24-$40. 

    Phone number: 303-444-7258

    Location: 1047 Pearl St

  7. 7. Locust Cider

    Purchase your beer online and pick it up to-go from the Locust taproom! Options to-go include growlers, grunts, six packs and gift cards. If you haven’t been to Locust before I definitely recommend checking it out when it opens, but now is the perfect time to try out their delicious ciders and canned wines. Follow their instagram to keep up to date with on-tap ciders and more. 

    Phone number: 303-356-8151

    Location: 5446 Conestoga Ct

  8. 8. The Sink

    The cornerstone of the hill is still doing food delivery options through HungryBuffs, DoorDash, and Grubhub, but you can order alcohol for pick-up as well. The Sink has a collection of 15 different beers, including Avery Stampede Lager, Stone IPA and more. Call ahead and order The Sink everyday between 12-8 p.m. 

    Phone number: 303-444-7465

    Location: 1165 13th St

  9. 9. Japango

    If you’re craving fresh sushi and sake, call ahead to Japango for special curbside beer, sake and cocktails! You can choose wine by the glass or bottle (30% off price listed), warm and cold sake by the glass or bottle, and other various beers and ciders. Plus, Japango having discounts? That is basically unheard of, so I would hop on that deal while you still can. 

    Phone number: 303-938-0330  

    Location: 1136 Pearl St

  10. 10. West Flanders Brewing Co. 

    Another closed dining room, but don’t worry - West Flanders Brewing Co. is offering it’s full menu every day from 2-8 p.m. through delivery and pick-up. Plus, you can get a FREE $5 crowler with every pick-up order of $25 or more. There are different crowlers available for $5, $6, and $7 including: Holy Wit ($5), Angry Monk ($6), and Daisy Cutter ($7). 

    Phone number: 303-447-2739

    Location: 1125 Pearl St

Don’t let quarantine get you down — grab a roommate, your parents, or Zoom Happy Hour your friends and support local businesses! These restaurants and countless more are staying open to support their workers through this time, and we should contribute when we can. So, call your favorite restaurant, grab a drink, and stay safe!

Thank you for reading. 

HCXO, ​Maddy