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The Fashion Week 2018 Trends You Need to Follow

With London, Paris, and Milan fashion week coming to a close, the latest upcoming spring trends have made their way from the runway to the city streets, and they’re anything but dull. Designers like Donatella Versace, Isabel Marant, Tommy Hilfiger, and Christian Dior all portrayed their outlook on trends for our own wardrobes for this spring season!


The 80’s are back and better than ever ft. Saint Laurent

80’s fashion has definitely made a come-back in the last few years. With boyfriend jeans, white boots, and oversized denim jackets back in style, it’s no surprise that some of the top designers brought them to their runway. Saint Laurent (top) brings both high waisted denim and white heeled boots to their catwalk, while also showing bold off the shoulder pads (bottom) which were always a staple 80’s trend. I think it’s safe to say that 80’s style is going to stick around in today’s fashion, seeing as it’s already such a comeback even before this year’s fashion week!

Belt bags or fanny packs ft. Gucci

I never really thought I would see the day where the fanny pack style came back as a trend, but here we are! They are convenient and definitely suited for the girl who doesn’t think purses are really her style.


Loud Logos ft. Fendi & Gucci


Large fonts and logos definitely made their statement on the runway this fashion week. Whether it’s on a comfy t-shirt or statement bag, showing off the brand you’re wearing has become a trend. Not to worry if you don’t own high-end or designer brands, though, any brand or large font on your clothing or accessories will do the trick! 

Polka dots ft. Valentino

Polka dots are feminine, chic, and always in style. There were quiet a lot on the runways this season. Valentino brought them back with summer-like and colorful prints that made it feel like the warmer months aren’t too far away! They can be dressed up or made more casual, which not only makes them perfect for spring but versatile, too. 

Florals ft. Dolce and Gabbana

Saying that florals are on-trend for spring is a no brainer. But, this season there has been a major focus on vintage prints, especially at fashion week. It might look outdated, but paring a simple floral printed piece that has a vintage vibe with “up-to-date” shoes and accessories are a perfect way to introduce florals into your wardrobe in a new way! 

Sporty Vibes ft. Tommy Hilfiger (TommyXGigi)

With models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin, the Tommy Hilfiger show did not go unnoticed. Many designers and brands are bringing back a sporty look in fashion that almost gives tomboy vibes. The models were seen in bold block colors, on a racetrack styled runway, sporting cropped t-shirts or polo shirts with either latex, fitted pants or vintage-feel mini skirts. Vintage styles definitely seem to be making a comeback! 


Fashion Week is one of the best ways to get inspo for trends in the upcoming seasons! If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the latest styles, it’s not too late to see all the fashion statements made at this year’s Fashion Week!

Ella Zeiler

CU Boulder

Ella is currently an English major with a minor in Journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Outside of school Ella has a love for all things writing and hopes to write or edit for a magazine one day. She shares a passion for fashion, photography and travel. In her free time she's either out exploring, finding the next photo spot, or daydreaming about living in Paris.  "Sometimes I would buy vogue instead of dinner, I just felt it fed me more." - Carrie Bradshaw 
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