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Fashion Trends That Should NOT Come Back

The past century has encompassed many trends of fashion statements that were popular and in style. With the 21st century trend of bringing things back, these are some that I believe died for a reason and should stay dead.

  1. 1. The 1930's Knit Hat

    Hats were popular in the 30's, and while today you can get away with an oversized floppy hat, knit caps are so not the move. 

  2. 2. The 60's Go Go Boots

    Unless you're dressing up for a decade themed party, these boots need to stay in the past, we have no need for this to make a comeback 

  3. 3. Low Rise Jeans

    While some people can pull them off, the majority of the female population can't and should not be subjected to wearing unflattering jeans because they are in. I'll stick with my high rise jeans, thanks though. 

I know someday we'll look back at the fashion from now and find things that should never make a comeback, but for now, lets stick to the good parts of the past and leave some of the others alone.