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Everything You Need To Know About Korean Skincare

I recently started an internship at a company called Soon Skincare. Named after the co-founder’s Korean grandmother, Soon, who was passionate about her personal skincare routine, the company is devoted to creating skincare that allows customers to care for their mind, body, and soul. Through the past couple of weeks working with this company, I have been able to learn about what makes Korean Skincare, otherwise known as “K-Beauty,” unique compared to other skincare brands.

It is proactive.

Something about Korean Skincare as a whole that stands out to me a lot is that the products are very proactive, whereas American skincare is more reactive. What I mean by this is that Korean skincare aims to stop the process of wrinkles and other effects of aging BEFORE it begins, rather than waiting for your skin to start aging and then investing in products to counteract it. 

It uses all natural ingredients.

Korean skincare is focused on natural ingredients, such as Vitamin C, collagen, raspberry, grapefruit, and aloe; all of which have amazing restorative properties. Natural skincare is much harder to come by in America, which is why I believe that implementing Korean skincare products into your everyday routine is a must. This does not mean that you have to make your skincare routine insanely long to include all of the elements of K-beauty, but adding a few products to your skincare regimen could be a game-changer.

It is easy and effective.

One small change you can make to your skincare routine to add in some Korean skincare elements is introducing sheet masks. Of course, sheet masks aren’t a completely new phenomenon in America, but the quality is of concern. Even doing one sheet mask weekly allows your skin to soak in all of the amazing ingredients in K-beauty, in one concentrated treatment. Not to mention that they are the perfect way to practice self-care, which is super important especially while everyone is spending more time at home.

Soon Skincare has an impressive line of Korean Skincare products including a wide range of sheet masks, hand and foot masks, serums, lip masks, and eye patches. They are a growing and completely women-run and owned business. If you are interested in adding some Korean skincare products to your skincare routine, check out Soon’s products here!

Sydney is a junior at CU majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Media Studies. She is super interested fashion, skincare, lifestyle, and entertainment.