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In high school, I had a friend who would constantly put me down. She would tell me I wasn’t as pretty, was too shy to have a boyfriend, and wasn’t as bright or athletic as her. 

Whether someone comes into your life for a short period or they are there for the long haul, every relationship we have is here to teach us something. This person can be a romantic partner, best friend, or friendly classmate. It doesn’t matter who it is; all relationships are mirror images of your life. Relationships are about growing your soul. So, if relationships are mirror images of your energy, why would I have brought someone who treats me disrespectfully into my life? In high school, I treated myself with disrespect. I was constantly picking apart my body in the mirror; I would remind myself daily I was not pretty enough for boys to like me and would tell myself I wasn’t as smart as everyone else in my class. Of course, it makes sense I attracted a friendship that beat me down because I was beating myself down constantly without even realizing it. This specific friendship reflected an image I needed to see. It gave me an opportunity for growth. As the saying goes, “Treat others the way that you want to be treated,” It should go, “Treat yourself the way that you want to be treated,” If you love yourself and have confidence, you will attract like-minded people who raise your vibration. 

Even today, I encounter relationships that raise the question of why I attracted this person into my life and what the lesson is to be learned. I was recently in a group project for a film class I am taking. I overheard the other group members talking about me. They said I was annoying for asking too many questions about the presentation. Instead of getting upset, I decided that what other people say about me is none of my business. All that matters is what I say about myself and think of myself! Everything in this life reflects you and your beliefs towards yourself. The most important relationship to work on is the one you have with yourself; after that, everyone and anyone will glide into your life with love and ease.

Taylor Gurtman

CU Boulder '24

Taylor is a senior at CU Boulder and is majoring in journalism. Besides writing articles, Taylor enjoys hiking, listening to podcasts, and laughing with her friends.