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Essential Jewelry Pieces That Will Help You Feel Like A Put-Together Adult

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There’s nothing like minimalist jewelry to help you look and feel like an organized, put-together adult (even if you’re not). Whether you’re looking for something that can go well with business casual attire or something that can elevate everyday looks, here are a few essential jewelry pieces you should consider adding to your collection. 

1. Huggie Hoop Earrings

A universally flattering piece of jewelry that screams “I have my life together,” huggie hoop earrings are a must-have. If you have multiple piercings, you can easily pair them with other earrings. They’re a simple beginner piece if you’re just starting to get into jewelry. 

2. Minimalist Chain Necklace

The epitome of minimalist jewelry, a dainty chain necklace completes any outfit. These can be worn alone for a more professional look, or easily layered with a statement necklace for a bolder style. 

3. Thread Earrings

Thread earrings are a recent obsession of mine. They’re minimalistic but unique, as they can be threaded through your piercings in multiple ways. Usually, they are modeled by people with multiple piercings but people who don’t have as many piercings can easily rock them as well.

4. Pearl Earrings

Some may think pearls are tacky, but I am a firm believer that when executed correctly, pearls can look very elegant and minimalist–just take a look at Kate Middleton’s iconic pair of pearl earrings.

5. Thin Band Rings

Rings are probably my favorite category of jewelry. Whenever I wear rings, I find myself feeling way more confident. Thin band rings are perfect because they can be mixed and matched in so many ways. When worn alone, a simple band can give off a dainty, elegant look. You can also pair them along with larger rings to give a more interesting variety with the contrast of different sizes. 

6. Chain Bracelets

Continuing with the trend of versatility, metal chain bracelets are another great piece of minimalist jewelry. While I’m not the biggest fan of bracelets, I find that I can normally tolerate a simple chain bracelet. 

Jewelry, if styled correctly, can elevate your outfit (and your confidence!). If you’re looking to give off a more put-together look, paying attention to those little extra details is essential. When building a jewelry collection, I suggest saving up and buying quality pieces or thrifting them! If you find yourself looking for some great eco-friendly jewelry brands, I suggest checking out this Her Campus article.

Mackenzie is currently a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder and plans to pursue a Strategic Communications major. When she’s not studying or writing, you can usually find her enjoying a movie night with her friends or playing the new season of Destiny 2. Check out her Instagram @mackenziehornik
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