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Dos and Don’ts: What to Bring Home with You for Thanksgiving Break

As the holiday season approaches, I am here to help you with some dos and don’ts of what to bring with you as you voyage away from campus. From making sure to remember your toothbrush to packing only some of your ten million sweatshirts, this list will provide you and your packing troubles with some easy, breezy tips on how to make the most with the little luggage we all have. 

Lots of Layers

While autumn turns to winter and the leaves turn to snow, layering becomes your smart-technology thermostat. This strategy lets you regulate comfort and heat as you are able to remove and replace layers as you please. Put a leather jacket with an oversized sweatshirt, a cute hat, and some platform sneakers and you have the most perfect comfy layered look. Looking to dress up? Place together some leather pants, a patterned blazer, some cute booties, and an oversized trench-coat. These looks will keep your body warm while walking the snowy runway this winter.

Perfect Plain White Tees

Simple? Check. Comfortable? Check. Cute? Check. While we may be practicing social distancing and safe social measures, there’s something comforting about a classic white t-shirt with classic gold hoops, comfy sweatpants, or even a cute blazer to give us the energy boost we may desperately need. White tees can be paired with everything and I mean everything. From yoga pants to dressy skirts, this iconic fashion piece is the perfect staple for your holiday fashion.

Switching Out Season

As this semester ends and the idea of a new semester is around the corner, the ideas of new fashion and new outfits are perfect concepts. Switching out is one of the most productive and efficient ways to get rid of the outfits you do not wear or have not worn and bring back new and exciting fashion pieces to rock around campus. Bring home those patterned pants you haven’t touched and replace them with a fun top you’ve been wishing you would’ve originally brought. This time is perfect for a little fashion swap, leaving behind the old and drab and bringing back the most fresh and fashionable pieces of clothing.

Be Reasonable, I Mean it

I’m going to say this loud for the people in the back, “Do not bring home everything”. You do not need everything nor will you wear everything. Do not pack that one random flower vase that you swear you need at home or that sorority lettered mug that you just can not live without, trust me you do not need it. The holiday season may seem long but in fact, it is not. Bring with you a reasonable amount of bags at a reasonable weight. If you are even worried you are going to be that one person at the baggage check removing clothing out of their suitcase, leave some stuff behind. Think rationally, make a list of the things you know you will need: socks, underwear, a winter jacket, jeans, your skincare routine, and more. This list will help keep you on track as you approach the dreading activity that is packing.

If You Have Yet to Wear it 

Let me be frankly honest, if you have not yet worn it at college, you will not wear it at home. College is the time to discover what clothing you actually desire to wear. From your favorite jacket to that untouched sweater hanging way on the side by your robe, only bring home the things you have worn frequently in college. As you are packing, do not bring home with you that top that you have to defend yourself by saying, “No I actually do wear this top”, no you don’t, we all know that you don’t. Pack only the favorites, bringing home clothing you know you will be excited to wear. As the quote states, “Look good, feel good”. 

Whether you’re spending your holidays at a beach in Hamptons or in the depths of the snowy Midwest, with this list, you will be prepared for any event that comes your way, and still have a little room to bring back some of your favorite holiday purchases. This list is your guide to all things packing, allowing you to be fashion-forward without having millions of bags. As the first semester of college sadly waves us goodbye, it is important to note that in a few short months, we will be back in our favorite frat basements singing Mr. Brightside like we never left.

Kristen Young

CU Boulder '24

Kristen Young is currently a Sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying Strategic Communications with minors in both Marketing and Political Science. When she isn't writing for Her Campus, she can be found online shopping, watching Harry Potter on repeat, eating on Pearl Street or simply hanging out with friends.
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