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Donovan Gibbons ‘14


If you’re looking for a native Coloradoan with the charm of a Southern gentleman, look no further. Though he enjoys going to the mountains to shoot his guns, he loves a night-in with Netflix and a nice girl even more. You can regularly find him at 24 Hour Fitness getting his swoll on and chiseling his already rock-hard abs. He’s a catch ladies!

Name: Donovan Gibbons

Age: 22

Graduation Year: May 2014

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

Favorite Food: In-N-Out. I would do terrible things for a Double-Double right now.

Favorite Movie: If I had to pick one, probably Forrest Gump. I can quote practically the entire movie.

Hobbies: Running, lifting, napping, shooting, and anything that puts me on a beach in the sunshine.

Biggest Turn Off: Girls who don’t reciprocate my affections.

Biggest Turn On: When girls have the confidence to approach me and introduce themselves. I’m all about “being the man” but this can be really sexy. I’m a sucker for blue eyes too.

Favorite Sex Position: Heels to Jesus…..look it up.

Go-To Drink: Vodka Sour or Whiskey Ginger

Most embarrassing moment: There’s too many to count, but the most recent one was when I watched a “Cute puppy suspiscious of lemon” YouTube video in class. I laughed so hard I was nearly crying and I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was crazy. 

I'm a 21 year old English and Psychology major. I spent last summer interning at Cosmopolitan Magazine and I'm currently trying to figure out the direction I want to take after graduation. I love writing and I love marketing, so probably a fusion of the two. Sushi, hard cider, and bad horror movies are my weaknesses. I'm also a trivia badass.
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