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Do You Really Need a Hydro Flask to Fit in?: The Truth Behind CU’s Infamous Stereotypes

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CU Boulder and its over 25,000 students have definitely created an image over many years of different (yet oddly similar) kinds of students. Yes, while most of us try to stick out of this seemingly homogenous crowd, we all share some truth in the endless stereotypes CU students have heard one too many times. From the typical party school reputation, trust fund babies, Lululemon shorts at every turn or Hydro Flask frenzies, CU has definitely become a place full of mockable stereotypes. Below I’ve compiled a list of a few classic CU Boulder stereotypes and assessed the validity and truth behind them. 

  1. Baggy tee & shorts combo – complete with a band they don’t know

I have to say, I see this look several times a day. Don’t get me wrong, a baggy tee with shorts is a tried and true classic that I myself occasionally (and shamelessly) take part in – a reliable friend even in the most trying outfit crises. All I ask is that if questioned about whatever artist, band or album cover is ever so aesthetically printed on your shirt, know it. 

  1. Guys finding any excuse to take their shirts off 

I don’t know if this boils down to the male species’ very primal core, but seeing shirtless guys is almost guaranteed on campus and off, at football games, skating next to Farrand Field, and at parties when the swimming pool of substances in their bodies all hit some magical equilibrium simultaneously. Honestly though, whatever the reason, I’m not totally opposed (I say, this time, shamefully). Keep playing Spikeball shirtless, folks.

  1. Hydro Flasks. EVERYWHERE

This category is definitely true. Like 100%. Hydro Flasks are truly everywhere, as they should be. Any reason for someone to carry a reusable water bottle, carry it as a weapon in case they forgot their pepper spray walking home at night (totally haven’t been there before) or feel a little cooler in class seems totally okay to me to rock the VSCO girl life. I will say, an REI water bottle is what the actual cool kids use (not that I use one or anything…).

  1. Daddy’s money

At the risk of coming off offensive, I will say there has been a considerable amount of people I’ve met with this stereotypically rich-girl attitude. A lot of the time, though, people are also well-off and go about their lifestyle normally, or rather humbly. CU definitely has its fair share of spoiled and entitled folks. Can we retire Gucci belts and Golden Goose sneakers on weekends on The Hill? Asking for a friend, or rather most of CU’s population. 

  1. Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws

White Claw is truly the staple drink of every sorority girl, frat guy, and general partier alike. This incredibly basic but, albeit, newfound classic drink is one stereotype no stranger to CU or college campuses across the U.S. in general. My only note on these avid White Claw drinkers: go crazy and try a Truly every once and while.

At the end of the day, we all partake in some incredibly basic but incredibly fun things (basic is basic for a reason!). CU’s stereotypes are never lacking, but there truly is a group for anyone, whether or not you own a Hydro Flask. A little word of unsolicited advice: if you have to buy a Hydro Flask, change your style, drink White Claws to be friends with someone – it’s not worth it. All jokes aside, CU is filled with many unique students, and even if it feels like you haven’t found your crowd yet, they’re out there. 

One stereotype all of us CU students succumb to? Yelling “Sko Buffs” whenever possible.

Jess Rampersaud

CU Boulder '24

Jess is a sophomore at CU Boulder from Westchester NY studying English and Psychology. Jess is the ultimate foodie and loves all things related to travel. Some of her several interests include playing tennis, hanging with friends, making playlists, and cooking or baking. This semester is her first one writing for Her Campus, but she cannot wait to get started!
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