Do You Need A Quick Pick Me Up? Try Forto Coffee Shots!


    Midterm season is upon us buffs. If you need a quick pick me up, you should try Forto! I recently tried Forto Coffee Shots and for someone who doesn’t like other energy shots, I really enjoyed this one. Now, you're probably asking What is Forto? What does it taste like? And Where can I find it? Well, I am here to give you all of that amazing information so here we go!  

    Forto Coffee Shots are organically made from 100% Arabica beans, only natural ingredients, and up to 200mg of caffeine. These cute little energy shots have the yummiest flavors which are very smooth and do not taste gross at all. With 10 flavors with 100mg of caffeine which equals 1 full cup of coffee your sure to find your favorite flavor. Plus a lot of them are similar to your favorite K-cup coffee pods. They do have a Pure Black flavor for anyone who is nondairy which is equally as delicious. Forto Coffee Shots are available to purchase in boxes of 6 for $11.95 and you can subscribe to a monthly order for just $10.76!

Original Glazed Latte


    I personally tried the Hershey’s Latte flavor and LOVED it. I felt more awake with those 2 sips of coffee than I would have with a full cup of coffee (which I never actually finish). I would definitely recommend trying them out if you want a quick way to get your morning coffee on the go or just want to try something new. You can find Forto Coffee shots at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or the Forto Coffee Shot website.

    I hope you all enjoyed this article. Thank you to Forto for coming to Her Campus CU and giving us some yummy samples!

XOXO- Michaela