Cute Ways to Spend Your Fall Birthday

Perhaps I’m biased, but having a birthday during autumn is always the best. Think about it; the smell of pumpkin and vanilla everywhere you go… that mixed in with the crisp breeze of air, that smells exactly like walking home from the bus as a child, on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon, in October. Fall feels like rebirth, so how perfect it is to celebrate your birthday during such a sweet-smelling, great-tasting, gorgeous-looking, season. 

My birthday is at the end of October, and while, obviously, I adore my fall birthday, it can be a struggle to figure out how to celebrate. October means thirty midterms, twenty-four essays, nineteen presentations, and forty hours of work - so finding time is one thing. Not to mention that in Colorado, blizzard season starts whenever it good-and-well feels like it,, so that cute party dress I bought for my special day is typically ruined by a huge coat. 

That aside, you deserve to celebrate your day! These are five cute ways to spend your fall birthday!

  1. 1. A Spa Day

    Coffee cup near bathtub

    You work hard all year, right? You’re in school, getting that degree. You’re working, getting that bag, building your brand. You’re loving, cherishing your relationships and opportunities. Hear me when I say, you deserve a treat, love! Spa days are life changing. Just by taking one day to go all out on self-care, you’ll have reset your attitude and feel refreshed enough to go conquer another day of life! Get yourself an appointment for a full body massage. These are great for releasing stress and tension built up in your muscle, which often is what makes you feel so sluggish and sore all the time. Next, pamper your beauty with a facial! Cleanse your skin, exfoliate, groom your brows, detox, and hydrate. What better way to celebrate yourself than to bring out your outermost glow! Finally, get your nails done, maybe get your hair done if you’re feeling extra excited, and spend the day feeling like your most relaxed, beautiful, self!

  2. 2. A Picnic

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, fall is the best time to have a birthday! Especially when you decide to have a picnic to celebrate! The colorful trees, their falling leaves, the cool/warm air, the food, everything adds up to creating the most magical birthday picnic. You can make this so cute. T.J Maxx and Marshalls usually have some a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e picnic baskets on sale, and Target has the cutest tablecloths. Colorado also has the prettiest spots, with a view of the mountains taking your breath away at all of them. Make or pick-up your favorite, most delicious fall meal, snacks, and drinks (and a birthday cake, duh), add it to your basket, lay it on top of your tablecloth. Add in your family, your besties, and/or your lover and you’ve got yourself the most genuine, beautiful, fun, and delicious birthday.

  3. 3. Hot Tub/BonFire with Friends

    spooky jack o lantern with blue lights

    Some people are blessed to live at a place with a Hot Tub or Bonfire pit. If you are one of these people, don’t forget about it on your birthday! Spending time outside with your loved ones, whether that’s chilling in the water or by the fire, is time that is really the most enjoyable. 

    If you have a hot tub: blast some music, hang some balloons, have some snacks and birthday cupcakes at hand, a few drinks, all of your favorite people, and embrace all the laughs and memories.

    If you have a bonfire: ooooh girl! Grab your warmest blankets, some comfy chairs, your besties, really long sticks, and the BIGGEST marshmallows you can find! This kind of night is filled with storytelling, joking, reminiscing; all in the recipe to celebrate the birthday of such an extraordinary young beauty, such as yourself. 

    Regardless, this quality time outside in the October air, fully capturing the beauty and essence of autumn will make for such a delightful day.

  4. 4. A Night in the City

    By the lucky chance your birthday falls on a night that holds clear skies and warm breezes, by all means, have fun in the city! It is so exciting to buy that perfect dress, then to buy those even more perfect shoes that match and go absolutely darling with your purse! It is for me anyway, and once I have, a night downtown is exactly where I want to be! The possibilities are endless! Dinner is a must, and there are so many restaurants to choose from. I love to walk down the main streets of Denver, the lights sparkle at night and businesses decorate in the most fall-loving way. There’s always pumpkins hanging out on street corners, and cafès glisten, calling you in  to grab a cappuccino. You can rent scooters or bicycles to ride around the city and can even find a unique new place to take your birthday pictures at (that dress)!

  5. 5. A Night in with the Girls


    Perhaps the chances are not so lucky and the weather ruins any plans to go to the city. Maybe a night in is just more your style! Either way, it’s impossible to go wrong with celebrating your big day with your besties - eating, talking, dancing, doing whatever it is you do, and just having a well-needed good time. Party like it’s 2012, but don’t forget that a night in calls for Pillsbury Halloween cookies, as well as your birthday cake, it’s only mandatory, being you’re a fall baby and all.

The list goes on, but since it is in fact October, I have to save some of my time to write the other forty-seven essays on my college to-do list, so I leave you with just these few ideas to get your mind thinking about how you’ll be spending your special day this year! Have the best birthday fall babies, you deserve the best and most prosperous year!