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CU Dorms as Zodiac Signs

CU is a place full of so many people, and it’s easy to say that each dorm has its very own attached personality. Do you know what else can be described in that way? Zodiac signs. This article is a crossover between the two, telling you which dorm is which Zodiac sign. 

Aries: Smith

Aries are known for being assertive, ambitious beings. They’re headstrong and crave organization. Aries is also well known for thriving where competition is present. Smith, home to the honors students, is full of first-year students that also possess these characteristics. When thinking of how to describe Smith’s residents, I am pretty much describing an Aries.

Taurus: Kittredge West

Much like the bull that represents them, Taurus are hardworking, dependable, and intelligent. They’re also chill and happy, much like everyone I’ve ever encountered in Kittredge West. They are a group who can work hard, and they do, but their work-life balance is quite impressive.

Gemini: Cheyenne Arapaho

Cheyenne Arapaho makes perfect sense to me. Gemini’s have a reputation. So does being a business student. Looking aside, they’re also clever, extroverted, and exude lots of energy. These traits definitely hold true to Cheyenne Arapaho residents.

Cancer: Crossman

Cancer’s are extremely passionate about everything they do. I feel like that is something that is also true about engineering students, who reside in Crossman hall. They are also known for being protective, intuitive, and maybe even a bit enigmatic. I think these traits all define the future engineers walking our campus. 

Leo: Willard

Drive, compassion, big-heartedness. All of these characteristics Leos possess are also found in the students walking the halls of Willard. This is a very community-driven dorm, and everywhere you go people are always excited and happy to see you.

Virgo: Baker

Virgos: kind, practical, methodological. Baker Hall is full of vivid history and is home to the Environmental Sciences RAP. The students in this hall all give off the same energy our humble Virgos do.

Libra: Stearns

Our Will Vill towers are friendly, extroverted, charming people, just like Libras. There is something about Stearns that just screams Libra, and walking into it you’re bound to have a good time because its residents embody everything about this air sign.

Scorpio: Williams Village North

To me, Will Vill North is an enigma. It just doesn’t seem real to me that when dorms like Sewall and Cheyenne Arapaho exist, Will-Vill North exists among them. I’ve never really met anyone who actually lived there, so much like Scorpios, they are secretive and discreet, and maybe even mythical.

Sagittarius: Kittredge Central

This fire sign is known for being smart and assertive, but also compassionate and lively. There is this balance to them that again, seems to be very present over in Kittredge. The residents of this dorm hold those characteristics near and true to their hearts.

Capricorn: Farrand

Capricorns are these vivid, practical beings. There’s a duality to them that definitely represents “work-hard, play hard,” and that can really be seen in Farrand residents.

Aquarius: Hallet

Free-spirited, eccentric, energetic. I feel that much like Aquarius, Hallet’s residents embody these traits. The energy in Hallet is very much like that of this air sign.

Pisces: Sewall

Last but not least, we have Pisces. This sensitive, aware, creative sign is definitely represented among Sewall residents. The people in this hall are some of the most intuitive, and creativity runs wild behind these doors.

Much like the zodiac signs, each residence hall has its particular set of traits that distinguishes them from the rest.

Ella Salazar

CU Boulder '23

Ella is the Director of Social Branding at Her Campus CU Boulder. She is majoring in international affairs with minors in journalism and communications. She loves books, makeup, and coffee. In her free time, she's probably rewatching Gilmore Girls.
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