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Christmas Morning, as told by The Grinch

Here we present to you, Christmas morning, as told by The Grinch. Both films are included, the cartoon and the Jim Carrey version, because they’re both brilliant and worthy of all the praise.

When it’s finally time to go downstairs and get the gift giving & receiving started


You try to remember the lyrics to your favorite Christmas songs when someone busts out their holiday playlist, and it doesn’t go well


Gathering around the tree with your family and you imagine it looks like this


Slapping some pet friendly antlers on your dog or cat and they end up like this


Grabbing things out of your stocking like


When one of your family members jumps ahead in the unwrapping of the gifts


When Christmas morning has almost come to an end

But you try to keep it together because Christmas morning will be back in just, like, one more year!


And finally, after all the unwrapping and giving has been completed, you essentially feel a whole lot like this



Oh, but later on, when it’s time to get out of your Christmas jammies and into real clothes


Happy Christmas, Her Campus babes!

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