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Check out the Denver Film Festival!

Check out the Denver Film Festival!


Bored after midterms and looking to get out of Boulder? The Denver Film Festival is happening this week, and it’s legit. Two years ago it showed La La Land and had a red carpet appearance from Emma Stone… right in our backyard! I was also able to attend The Edge of Seventeen and Hayden Szeto did a Q & A after, which was awesome.



The festival features films all day until November 11th, and you can get your tickets online. This year they are featuring The Favourite (Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz), Ben is Back (Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges), Boy Erased (Lucas Hedges, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman), The Upside (Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Hart), The Front Runner (Hugh Jackman), and Fox Lux (Natalie Portman and Jude Law).



They show these at different theatres all around Denver, and its some pretty classy stuff. Feel free to dress up, you’re at the movies! The tickets will not exceed $45. In addition, there are really cool, free features that they offer. They have a virtual reality experience going on every day for free; speaking as someone who participated, it’s amazing.


They offer dozens of virtual reality options, and they are all incredible. Explore the cosmos and push the planets into orbit while being narrated by Millie Bobby Brown. The planets literally are all around you, and you can touch them… wild. Or, you can experience first hand what it is like to go across Iranian border patrol. It’s intense and unlike anything I have ever experienced before.



There is so much to do at the festival, and not many students take advantage of it! You can take the busses to Denver, drive, or catch a ride. There is something for everyone, and it is affordable. Take a day trip to the city and see some movie magic in the works. This is a great way to open your eyes to different forms of cinema that you haven’t seen before. People from all over travel to this festival, and it covers almost every genre. There are documentaries, international films, experimental and features. Try on a new hat, it’s just down the highway!


Thanks to the Denver Film Society for the photos!

Also, thanks for reading :)


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