Calling all aspiring writers, photographers, and videographers

Sometimes it seems that being NICE to someone can become superficial. An obligatory smile while walks across campus or holding the door doesn’t really make or break someone’s day. Though these are polite, society considers them an everyday standard.

On the other hand, being KIND to another person is a totally different matter. Being kind is about putting more significant effort into making someone’s life better. It implies that the act or consideration for someone else is genuine and done with tactful purpose.

To drive this point home, Kind Snacks sponsored a competition for student writers, photographers, and videographers all across the nation. Until December 18th, students have the opportunity to submit an original photo, piece of writing, of video that captures the difference between what it means to be Nice VS Kind.

Judges from a panel of prestigious judges will pick 3 winners from all the entries.  Each winner will receive $10,000 for themselves, some cool technology, and $25,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. Judges include Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, Alli Maloney, the News and Politics Editor of Teen Vouge, Arianna Huffington, the HuffPost Founder, and many more amazing people.

Entries don’t necessarily have to be extremely long, just edited for grammar and content. Written entries already submitted have ranged from a couple paragraphs to a page and are usually written in first person. Participants who wish to submit a video can either do so in the form of a vlog, or take a more artistic approach. Photos can be of anything around local communities that exemplifies the idea of something Kind.

More information can be found at

Entries are due the 18th. Anyone who wishes to engage on social media can use the handle @Kindsnacks or #moreKIND

With finals week looming ahead, why not take a break and do something constructive and fun? This is a great opportunity to get outside and take some cute photos or write something heart-felt over a cup of coffee.